I’m speaking but you are not hearing.

The dam has burst cascading a knowing. Free seeking its path, thrashing & flowing.

I’m leaking tears but you are not caring.

I’m  crying.

Speaking the truth & falling in love means courageously dying. Feelings are proof but you are ignoring. Conflicted, confusing, convicted, conclusion, the quantum addicted to fearing.

Your light has been abducted, it’s abnormally shining.

Not present, so far gone. It’s fake. LED. Fluorescent.

I’m respecting your choice while I naturally shine on. Always present, heroic, not hesitant.

Fear less to communicate more.

“Together we see a new world order of law.” This statement, not real, corrupted & flawed. To be quite specific, this is incorrect, indecent, artificial & unscientific.

Disconnected & far from the whole.

Corona virus is an attack on the spirit, the sun, the soul.

Lured down the rabbit hole into the rabid sorcerer’s lair, COVID 19 is his satanic idea. His words that you utter, stutter & chatter are creating his physical, a journey into matter. Wrong mathematical principle, halved, immoral & cynical, polluting the space & the time that we share.

It’s a matter of fact, an oath, a pact. A religious movement ironically stagnant. An intention of tension, the followers are pregnant, the proteins are programmed, pursuing the hologram. Poised mouths of beauty & logic stay silenced & muffled with tape, birthing a shape of geometric distortion, of rape.

The spirit of Philadelphia, purposefully compromised. The filly is filthy, awash with corruption & lies. A eugenics agenda, the constant checking of temperature. Consuming processed poison, the genetic engineering of nature.

Presented a black box, obnoxious, proudly mesmerised. The once free stallion sits dead, glued, frozen, unaware that the dream it has chosen is a nightmare in disguise. In a boxed square within a square within a square & recurring, a blank stare, you don’t care, you ignore the reality that you're hurting.

The sparkle removed from your pre perfect eyes.

Broken in horses, a mutated foal. Total control of the total mind is the totalitarians treasonous goal. From the top to the bottom each given a new normal role, your face warped & withered behind a mask on the tyrannical totem pole.

Infected, lies injected & streaming through veins. Harmful ideas not rejected, who is holding the reins?