Thank you for paying attention.

Control over others is not the answer, control over yourself is.

Humanity has lost its principles & morals because of fear. Fear is produced from a lack of understanding the truth.

Fear is a lack of love.

The truth is that there is only love & EVERYTHING derives from TRUE LOVE which is at the centre & exterior of ALL things that are correct right & true, or a movement away from true love. This movement away from the truth creates a lack of love & changes the frequency to an emotion we call fear. Fear is actually a distortion of the truth created in the mind by a divided & polarised brain. Fear is a lack of understanding the truth due to incorrect processing. It is this distortion, this lack of understanding, this manufactured vibration of fear energy in the present moment that manifests our problems & the very suffering we say we do not want. Fear causes suffering and will keep you at a specific vibration because it can not exist, can not falsely claim to be right & can not take control while a high vibration of true love is present. The lack of love energy generated in the present moment from our fearful thoughts about the future &/or the past is put into motion. Through the Natural Law Principles of creation, it WILL become a physical expression of fear & manifest as some type of distorted limiting experience.

TRUE love provides us with the freedom to not suffer. TRUE love lets us choose. TRUE love contains & understands ALL opposites. TRUE love is holistic. TRUE love knows & understands itself. TRUE love is self control & self respect. TRUE love is the freedom to speak but it is NOT always what is chosen to be spoken by those who are still searching & do not know. TRUE love is wise & creates freedom. TRUE love knows & understands what freedom REALLY is & not what it believes it is. TRUE love gets rid of fear & this is exactly why fear despises the truth.

The all is mind & the mind is all potential. The determining factor for the manifesting of ALL potential experiences into reality throughout all time & within all space is the degree of love energy in motion (emotion). It is the degree of understanding the Self. There is ONE singular infinite vibration of truth which is made up of BOTH the infinite Male & infinite Female polarities equally & infinite wrongs of separation from the truth, a vibration of fear which together create the all potential. True love is ideal. True love is life, it is the truth & any movement away from the truth is a lack of love or what we call fear. Any movement away from the truth is a lie, false, not real, an illusion, a distortion, it is exclusive separation, it is war, it is not holistic, it is ignorance, it is disease, it is a lack of understanding, it is slavery, it is wrong. True love can & does produce ALL potentials of abundant growth, knowledge, understanding, wisdom & healthy evolution while a lack of true love energy in motion (emotion) can & does remove all potentials of abundant growth, knowledge, understanding, wisdom & healthy evolution within our lives & our Universe.

EVERYTHING is an expression of its fundamental truth & the truth is there is only the force of true love energy in motion or a lack of true love (fear) energy in motion. This love energy is controlled by the mind & forming what we call reality through the Natural Law Principles of creation. This love energy is light. This love energy is you.

This is NOT an opinion or a belief. It is a TRUTH that you can discover for yourself & KNOW! If it is your first time hearing this statement, please read it again, pause & contemplate the importance & significance of this fact. Apply this Generative Principle to your past & present experiences to get to the ROOT CAUSE (the why) of each experience & manifestation. Apply this principle to ALL experiences & expressions to determine its TRUTH... or lack there of.

Obviously everything includes everything! All religions, teachers, idols, heroes, people, food, relationships, ideas, diseases, money, government, nature, climate change, thoughts, symbols, trade, language, freedom, slavery, television programming, cinema productions, music, art, systems, authority, cultures, education, war, health, business, YOU, them, him, her, that, this, problems, perfection, institutions, DNA, the Universe... EVERYTHING. Apply this principle to your now to determine your immediate & future expressions, experiences & manifestations. Apply this principle to YOU! Are you & your actions an expression of true love or a degree of fear which is actually a lack of love (a lack of light) that started in your imagination due to false beliefs that polarise you/us & act as light filters? Look beyond the words of what we call things, the spells (spelling) & understand its TRUTH. Wisdom lies beyond the words. The truth is true love & true love is a frequency vibration.

EVERYTHING is language & all things at all times are communicating the truth vibration or a lack of the truth vibration. Talking & listening, input & output, positive & negative, giving & receiving, Male & Female. The Universal language is the vibration of love & it is constantly flowing through form to create symbols & expressions. EVERYTHING is communicating & FORMING a relationship based in the truth or a lack of the truth, giving us a true reality of health or a false ACTUALITY, a distorted illusion of suffering, an actuality full of disease & limitation, an actuality that is out of registration, ignoring a part of itself & off purpose. Expressions of fear have limited language & limited imagination. Expressions of fear have lowered their vibration by separating the Male & Female within, polarising themselves away from their TRUE centre by ignoring the other half of themselves & going to war with that other half by refusing to accept this opposite polarity & possibility from their new chosen position. If you are not BEING true love then you are not communicating the truth. You will be operating as half & through your limited thoughts, emotions & actions, you will be communicating (& therefore creating) a degree of illusion, a degree of suffering, a degree of limitation, a degree of darkness. The Universe was & continuously is being spoken into existence. We are CHOOSING to be, create, consume, support &/or ignore products, expressions, ideas, institutions, situations & symbols that ARE true love or a lack of true love (degrees of fear).

Expressions of fear are things that do NOT truely love themselves. They do not understand themselves completely. They exist ONLY at a low vibration & feed off of low vibration to sustain their existence, to survive. They want to represent the truth (which includes you) as they see fit. They are psychopathic with a lack of empathy & manipulate, distort, hide, control & trick you to become their same low vibration of decay, suffering & limitation. They need their environment to match their distorted frequency but humans actually DO NOT operate correctly, holistically, or efficiently & CAN NOT survive without suffering in a low vibrational, toxic, unnatural, disconnected, fearful environment.

Expressions of fear are things that do NOT truely love us, do NOT want us to be free, do NOT want us to grow healthy & therefore do NOT have our best interest at heart. Expressions of fear are incorrectly processing their environment. It is true love that knows how to process its environment correctly to determine the truth & recognises the fearful lessons being presented to itself. True love understands the lessons it needs to confront, experience & then communicate back toward in a truely loving way with the correct amount of love force energy. Correctly processing something to determine it’s truth by ACCURATELY FEELING the emotions (energy in motion) is our TRUE language & the NEEDED communication necessary to understand how to change wrong input into a correct output which then becomes the newly corrected input & therefore a new, beautiful feeling. This is how we fix a false, unloving, unhealthy environment into a truely loving, correct, healthy environment. ACCURATELY feeling the environment is our true language & learning how to feel & then take the correct action is always needed but not always wanted due to fear, due to incorrect processing, due to filtering out a part of yourself, due to ignorance, separation & isolation. Due to NOT being in love.

It is true love that respects the symbols, the expressions, the relationships, the effects & the environment it has formed (information) & breaks it all apart within the mind (Male) & heart (Female) so it can know itself holistically, so it can know the truth by experiencing true emotions. True love does this to evolve all of those relationships & therefore itself by imagining what it could create & DO next so as to continue being self centred, healthy, free & in love, raising in consciousness through the WILL to do so. With the power of imagination, the mind then creates evolved thoughts, symbols, expressions & relationships from ALL of the infinite potential possibilities within that mind & true love then wisely communicates (breathes) what it chooses back into actuality through physical ACTIONS. It becomes an expression, a geometric symbol of itself, of truth, of true love, of freedom, within & through itself, within & through space & time, within & through Natural Law Principles, within & through the Male & Female. This is the creation process of something beautiful & liberating. This is how we come to know, understand, communicate & therefore BE the truth! This is the Seven Liberal Arts known as grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy or what is also known as the Trivium & the Quadrivium, the science of space & time.


Grammar, logic, rhetoric.

Male, Female, Male.

Up triangle, down triangle, up triangle.

Father, Mother, Son.

Knowledge, understanding, wisdom.

Input, processing, output.

Thoughts, emotions, actions.

THE QUADRIVIUM (this is the central processor, the logic part of the trivium which is the Female as it receives the thought, processes the thought & gives birth to the thought as an action. It's the invisible which connects the input to the output. It is the central process & the correct understanding methodology that is needed to produce wisdom from knowledge.)

It is arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy.

It is the four seasons.

It is Fire, Air, Water, Earth.

It is the science of space & time.

It is understanding.

It is both the creation & un-creation process.

It is the negative & positive space in-between two things.

It is that which separates & connects.

We are the light that is born from the all POTENTIAL of darkness. We are the life that is breathed into existence so as to experience that full unlimited potential through our participation. We do not & can not add darkness to life, we can only remove all of the light (life, love) to return to the darkness of POTENTIAL life, or remove a portion of the light spectrum to produce a false distortion of the true image of the holistic spectrum of light. Fear & therefore suffering is caused by the removal of truth, of light, of freedom, of understanding, of consciousness, of health, of abundance, of life, of TRUE LOVE! It is this absence of truth because of incorrect processing  that causes us not to see & not BE the light, or to not BE freedom, or to not BE understanding, or to not BE health, or to not BE abundance, or to not BE life, or to not BE true love which are all expressions of the same singularity that is the truth! There is one truth that is supposed to express itself in many unique & individual forms to function together & create a healthy, holistic form of its true identity. Life’s true identity is TRUE LOVE. Removing true love, light, freedom, self respect, opposites, the truth & not accepting what is, removes the experience of creating a healthy life of infinite self sustainability & therefore what it means to truely live without fear & be your true self, through your true expression, on purpose.

Fear (a lack of love) is unnaturally balanced & will not want to communicate truth. It will not want to look at itself, change & evolve holistically. It blames the opposite perspective, the other side (of itself) by falsely believing it is separated & therefore manifests division & isolation. It ignores & distorts the TRUE function of the female. It distorts the processing. It distorts the emotion of love, the Generative Principle, creating a lack of TRUE care & healthy creativity. Fear therefore limits the expressions of itself to ONLY those that will cause a degree of suffering & through false claims of authority will start taking away freedom & health. The correct purpose of suffering is so that the true Self, that which is ideal, can have a chance to be known by knowing what it is not. It is a result of straying away from the truth, the centre, from true love, from knowledge, from personal responsibility. True love is there to be found within the centre of ugliness & the lesson learnt, ending the revolution, the cycle of suffering & abuse, evolving itself, changing what was ugly into beauty, changing the repetitive conversation & raising in consciousness to change its worldly reflection. This journey to higher consciousness, to find & know the truth at the centre of fear requires courage.


The purpose of life is to know, understand & be your TRUE SELF.

TRUE LOVE is the Natural state of being, it is the truth, it is Nature, it is a naturally balanced individual Universe that is constantly communicating that our purpose is to know, understand & then BE true love.

Know Thyself.

Every moment is a conversation, an experience (whether predictable or unpredictable, good or bad, positive or negative) that you have chosen for yourself (whether you know it or not) to come into this understanding & BE true love in your present moment to stop suffering, create freedom, evolve & promote healthy growth. Every moment has a purpose & it is a lesson for you to BE in that moment, aware & listening with ALL of your senses to all information, to everything that is communicating a feeling to you through its expression, its vibration. Every moment is created so you can understand this truth, form a relationship with THE truth, to know YOURSELF & then converse back with YOUR individual true love expressions that will NATURALLY occur from BEING true love first & foremost, from being yourself... your TRUE self.

Input, processing, output.

True love is balanced & communicates true love, freedom, the truth, by way of all of its possible individual expressions. Fear (a lack of love) is unbalanced & communicates, dictates, demands a lack of love, a lack of truth, an unknowing, ignorance, separation, isolation, darkness, suffering, deception, slavery & illusion.

Fear communicates fear.

To TRUELY love something, you MUST set it free. If your relationship with something is based in fear & you are afraid to loose it then you never had true love, you never TRUELY loved that something. Don’t be afraid to loose what you never had to begin with. You gain true love In the process of letting go & setting something free. In freedom you gain life.

Life is true love & the opposer of life is fear, a lack of love. These are different frequency levels of the same one thing. The highest TRUE expression of love in our world is actually a reflection of the correct centre which is the perfect balance point between the Male & the Female. TRUE love is holistic & perfect. It consists of everything together & seperate. It is the all potential from the nothingness turned into something beautiful that is alive & physical. It is limited & unlimited. It is nothing & everything! It is nowhere & everywhere. It is the middle & the perimeter, everything inbetween & all that is beyond. It is the perfect balance point that consists equally of up, down, left, right, in, out, front, back, hot, cold, high, low, soft, hard & all of the seemingly opposite polarities of Male & Female. Spirit & matter are connected, EVERYTHING is & it is all connected at the centre which is the moment of NOW. True love is beyond space & time & yet it is space & time. True love is constantly creating space & time for itself to flow through & become an expression of itself WITHIN that space & time. True love is the tesseract, it is all dimensions.

Spirit & matter, (Male & Female) must coexist in a perfect natural balance if it is to give birth to true love’s purpose. One does not exist without the other in this world. If the Universe (you), at the point of singularity, before dividing into Male & Female to cause & communicate a vibration, was not the highest TRUE expression of potential benign love energy, NO THING could nor would exist. It would not want to know itself & would not want to know what it was capable of. It would remain as only potential. It would destroy itself before it even had a chance to BE itself. It would not want to live. TRUE love is an alternating, rhythmic, vibrating natural balance through & from the centre point of connection between the Male (force) & Female (form) polarities in unison. It is life breathing life.

3, 6, 9, 12...

Sex is that same union of the two gender polarities & why we call it making love because that is exactly what is happening, it is making life. Life is love.

Life is now.

True love flows freely & is what holds everything together. It guides us, it is the shining light. A lack of true love (fear) is stagnant & makes everything fall apart. It distorts our vision. It is limiting & not holistic. Life is motion, it is vibratory, life is colour, life is sound & the silence in-between, life is change, life is death, life is birth, life is dark & light. Life is a perfect natural balance of all seemingly opposite polarities. Life is true love & it wants to evolve. Fear is not true love & does not want to evolve, it is afraid of change & wants to be in control to manufacture only predictable, familiar outcomes of limitation. Fear is either afraid to die or afraid to live & both of these expressions mean the same thing! Fear is afraid of true love. Fear is afraid of the truth. Extreme expressions of fear would rather not exist than to experience the spontaneous, unknown future that true love will predictably provide. It lacks the courage to face & overcome that which it must face & takes comfort in the familiar suffering that it is holding onto & contributing to. True love (life, light) is BOTH predictable & unpredictable or spontaneous. True love is at the centre & is a natural balance of ALL things. It understands all potential. It is self centred, it is a connected vibrating singularity of Male & Female, non divided, a true individual. True love is singular. It is United & seperate.

True love is the real you.

Once you are in love, you can understand all points of view & all polarities, you are not limited in your thinking & not confined to only a specific outcome. You can take the required actions needed to achieve your desired outcome by being able to change at any moment. You can be limited & unlimited, not just limited or not just unlimited. You are able to choose from both polarities when needed. You are holistic & understand the whole consists of the all. You are free to choose from the all potential. You are free from dogma. Like water, you can flow & become steam right through to ice. The process of this transformation is the raising or lowering of the energy, the vibration. Whatever you can imagine, whether positive or negative, you must imagine & contain its equal opposite potential of positive or negative, otherwise you are not unlimited, you are not holistic, you are a lack of understanding. You will be only limited & are refusing to look at that which you are afraid of. You are too acidic or too alkaline, you are unbalanced. Imagine if you were wrong (or half right) & refused to change your perspective to include BOTH polarities of THE SAME THING! Invisible & visible, spirit & matter, input & output, blue & red.

This Universe has Natural Law Principles that are discoverable, repeatable & scientifically TRUE! There ARE boundary conditions (Female) operating in ALL places & at ALL times giving us a manifested reality of our free will CHOOSING (Male). The ONLY way to create peace & harmony is to think holistically. The ONLY way to create peace & harmony is to know, understand & align yourself with these Natural Law Principles. They are the Principles of Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause & Effect, & Gender. Understanding their wisdom illuminates the hidden Generative Principle of Care (True Love, The Universe, Light, Creation, Truth, THE REAL YOU) that is at the centre of each & all of Nature's Principles combined. Nature herself is her Laws & the Natural Law Principles ARE true love. By discovering them, knowing them & taking action inline with these Principles of Nature, we CAN have freedom, live our purpose & eradicate the unnecessary suffering that we are choosing & causing in the now, both individually & collectively. We can BE true love, just like Nature herself, just like what is intended of us. To do this requires courage. You must be willing to die (change) for freedom.

“My right to create, evolve & live free on purpose, depends upon the collective understanding & communication of the truth throughout The Universe. It’s your choice” - The Higher Self

True love is the all encompassing boundary condition to a perfect, non suffering, growing, healthy Universe. You are an individual Universe & also THE Universe.

True love (the truth) is the key. It unlocks ALL the doors but YOU have to take the internal journey to your centre to find it. You ARE the key. Everyone’s journey is different & everyone’s journey is the same. True love connects us & fear separates us. We came from true love & now we have to get back to true love. We came from the truth & now we have to get back to the truth.

You do not find your purpose to then become true love, you must first become true love to then find your purpose & let life unfold NATURALLY. When you become true love, you are instantly on purpose & whatever actions you take in that now are a part of the greater purpose of creation. You will be doing the great work.

Know Thyself.

The purpose of My Brother Sister is to help build a world of self sovereign beings & therefore create the NATURAL alternative to this currently unequal, dominating, false existence by speaking & serving the truth. All of us have to BE the alternative to fear. We have to BE THE TRUTH. Stop constantly operating out of fear & CHOOSE to operate out of TRUE love instead. Become willing to die & realise that you already have as you had to die to be born. Life is a constant process of birth & death, Male & Female. Take action in & on yourself to develop courage & become balanced & in love. Stop dominating others & also refuse to be a slave to others. Choosing to not dominate others & refusing to be a slave to others both require you to act out of true love. It requires you to think for yourself & be personally responsible for your ACTIONS.

What YOU love or like & what is true & correct are two different things. If you are not BEING freedom or fighting for freedom then you are NOT true love & you are not correct. You are slavery, you are fear, you are wrong. This is your free will choice & YOU are responsible for your decision & the contribution towards the manifestation of freedom or a lack of freedom.

True love is freedom. True love is correct. True love is the whole.

Becoming unbalanced by moving away from a true, central, harmonious, holistic position, towards ONLY an extreme single polarity of either LEFT (Male, Sun, Red, Fire, Output, Time, Dominance, Force, Agression, The Mind) or RIGHT (Female, Moon, Blue, Water, Input, Space, Submissive, Form, Passiveness, The Heart) causes a negative outcome, a lack of true love & a fearful state. You have become divided & only have half of the two genders needed to become a harmonious, naturally balanced, individual Universe full of light, full of true love energy in motion. You have become a Universe that is unable to communicate peacefully & correctly. You have been thrown out of equilibrium. This is a TRUE principle in & of ALL things. An imbalanced anything always produces a diseased experience & a distorted expression because it is not opperating correctly & therefore has to & WILL be creating a division of the red & blue, the left & right, the Male & Female, the whole. This is politics & government. This is mind control.

An unbalanced brain, the division of the left & right hemispheres, can NOT connect you with the full amount of life force energy (TRUE love) needed for peace & harmony, which is the correct way to BE & the TRUE expression or the non distorted expression. It limits your imagination. It hinders you from receiving & producing truth, love & care. When you are cut off from a high vibration of true love energy (light) you become afraid. Your brain produces distorted, fearful, limited, filtered THOUGHTS & then EMOTIONS which when chemically married together give birth to fear based negative ACTIONS & manifestations. You are attracting & being attracted to other manifestations that are vibrating at YOUR same degree of frequency vibration because that is what you are choosing through your BEING. Everything is causing an effect based on what it is being but what is everything capable of being. A lack of truth, which is a lack of love, produces suffering & fake distortions, diseases in OUR reality. We have a higher thinking capability. When our brains are used correctly, holistically, then our reality is NOT an animals reality, our purpose is different. We can & should choose to cause NO suffering through being a holistically balanced individual. We are both the care TAKERS (Female) & care GIVERS (Male) of this world.

WE are the thoughts of creation & the creation of thoughts. OUR expressions are the thoughts of creation & the creation of thoughts. This is a fractal Universe. The ALL is mind. Life flows through us when we know, understand & be what life is... TRUE LOVE.

We are supposed to be balanced, holistic & therefore the highest vibrational expression of true love energy in motion. That is our purpose. That is what life needs of us. That is what WE need of us because WE are life.

Low vibration identifies with matter & materialistic things. This type of frequency becomes TOO attached to physical form, the effect, & afraid to flow with life. It will be out of rhythm & tend to want to physically control matter & solve all problems on the material plane by inventing & accepting false laws while ignoring morality, the spirit & the truth of life. A perfectly centred, balanced, high vibration identifies more with the true Self & recognises that it is a higher, lighter love force energy of causation, an idea, that flows in rhythm through the heavier, denser form of matter to become the effect, to ultimately produce it’s true expression & purpose in the now of this world. It recognises that it is not the matter/effect by itself but it is first & truely a thought, a love force emotion that must respect, appreciate & work WITH matter (Female) to form it’s TRUE expression, become whole & take the required LOVING actions in the present moment of THIS world instead of ignoring responsibility & waiting passively for a saviour. WE are the saviours or destroyers of this world...

We are the saviours or destroyers of OURSELVES, of our own world!

We ARE the world.

You are choosing your individual & our collective reality from decisions based in true love or a lack of true love, fear.

Who & what are you BEING? What shapes & what rhythm are you communicating in space & time? Are you being freedom? Are you free?

It is YOUR choice.

You have imagined, can currently imagine & are continuing to imagine a world that only exists with money but can you do the opposite & imagine a world WITHOUT money? if you can NOT imagine the opposite polarity & refuse to do so, then someone or something has limited your imagination, is dividing you & keeping you from being FREE! It is stopping you from being in love! Does that someone or something TRUELY love you? Is that someone or something you? It is YOU who has chosen to manifest disease, depression, starvation, slavery, false answers of vaccinations, external government, suicide, genocide & debt. All of these effects are the symptoms of a lack of imagination, a lack of understanding THE TRUTH & are NOT the cause!

Would you continue to do what it is you are doing if you were not being paid? Could you continue to do it?

When we each take personal responsibility to raise our consciousness, align our thoughts, emotions & actions, put TRUE love based principles first, be in the now, confront the negative & decide to stop speaking & believing in lies (including the fear based false idea of money & its psychopathic enslaving capabilities) then we will discover a truth, that there is more than enough of everything for everybody when we care because true love is infinite.

We are the Universe able to become aware of itself.

Our purpose is to BE the highest expression of true love because WE ARE TRUE LOVE! Know thyself. 

It starts in the mind.

Our current reality is a direct manifestation of our individual THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS & ACTIONS. This is the true holistic trinity of Father, Mother & Son. The Sun, The Moon & The Star. Input, Processing, Output.

Thoughts (Male) & emotions (Female) give birth to action (Male).

The Son is the manifested image of The Father through the Mother.

Actions are the effects & our physical experiences. Actions are solidified thoughts. Actions are the output. They are a thought, the input, from the all potential of the imagination that was received, processed, felt, formed & born from the heart. Our reality must be changed in the mind FIRST & all possibilities, polarities, recognised & accepted. The all is mind & actions are always both physical thoughts & emotions, the Sun & the Moon, the Male & the Female, the Father & the Mother. Thoughts, Emotions & Actions are all one thing & must be in alignment with no contradictions if we want to end suffering & know the truth. Actions & Thoughts are vibrations that are being inputted & then broken apart & processed by you/us to create a feeling. We are feeling our environment. EVERYTHING is a feeling, a degree of love emotion. We are feeling actions & thoughts because actions & thoughts ARE feelings that were created from the mind. If we are incorrectly processing an action or symbol, we will have an incorrect feeling about that action or symbol. We will BELIEVE something is benefiting our desired outcome when it actually isn’t & the opposite is also true, that we will BELIEVE something is detrimental to our desired outcome when it actually isn’t. If we are believing that something is what it is not or believing that something is not what it is, then we will suffer & continue to do so until we recognise, accept & understand the TRUTH! We MUST be able to understand & include the opposite. EVERYTHING contains a positive side & negative side in equal proportions. The "problem" of a virus, when viewed from ITS perspective, which is the opposite of yours, ceases to be the problem & suddenly becomes the solution. Have you ever thought that YOU & therefore WE might be the problem to freedom, peace, health, harmony, abundance & therefore you & I need to die/change? Do we need to change our mind?

Chosen thoughts are constantly being born into action only to die by the same process that created them. Birth is death & death is birth. Thoughts must die to become an emotion & an action while actions must die to become an emotion & a thought. 3 9 6 6 9 3 3 9 6 6 9 3... The death process is the birth process. It is true love energy in motion, it is true love emotion. It is freedom.

Out of all potential possibilities, what we choose to THINK about & CARE (or don't care) to DO in the now becomes the future...

& the past!


We love to collaborate with others to create positive expressions. We are building an exsistence where we are FREE to live our dreams & are able to use our imagination & individual talents to manifest the MORALLY CORRECT solutions to all of Earths fear based problems. Slavery is forced labour. It is the forced removal of free will choice to do what is right. It is the forced removal of its opposite polarity which is freedom. We have freed our minds & now must be physically free from fear & its expressions of slavery & domination as we understand we are ALL inherently born free, it is our RIGHT. Anybody claiming to have more rights than somebody else is WRONG & we certainly do not need permission or licences to do what is right! Right, wrong & morality are NOT determined by any one person or group. No matter what the population, whether one, two, ten or billions of people, right & wrong does not change.

More of us need to come into the KNOWING of truth. More people need to KNOW the actual difference between right & wrong. More people need to KNOW the Self. More people need to KNOW true love. More people need to KNOW Natural Law Principles & UNDERSTAND how Nature really works by expressing a reality through the BEING of a high vibration of true love or a lower vibration of fear so we can create the required quantum for an intended peaceful change. This is the ONLY way to end our suffering. It is the only way to end our self isolation & it is a CHOICE derived from true love or fear. If you lack true love, true care, then you can never FORM an understanding, it will be impossible! You will NOT be able to truely evolve. You will be in a constant state of action & reaction, never asking why, unable to process information correctly, unable to FORM the correct response & never knowing who you truly are. You will be dealing with & only manipulating the expression, creating more & more side effects & NEVER truely solving the problem. You will be broken. Our reality could be anything we choose, so take a holistic look at the reality we are choosing & is it currently how you want it to be? Do you care? How do you feel? Are you satisfied with the current condition of YOUR world, the ENTIRE world & do you understand that it is the movement away from truth, the lack of care, the lack of understanding, the ignorance, the abiding of fear based, man made false laws & a loss of the will to live which is causing the suffering we say we do not want?

With each purchase &/or donation you choose to make, we will be reinvesting (or redirecting) the symbol of your attention & energy which is money, back into the My Brother Sister Universe. We will continue to speak the knowledge of truth through ALL of our individual expressions & set free that energy trapped within the talisman that we have accepted & call money. With your support & actions, all of us TOGETHER will be directing our energy towards unification through true individuality to create freedom & abundance which is the correct way to be. EVERYTHING is a degree of love energy in motion (emotion). WE are also that energy & that energy MUST be made free to flow on purpose & take shape NATURALLY. This can only happen by raising YOUR love energy vibration to a higher level inline with Nature's true frequency. The freedom of energy can not exist at a low vibration of fear, it will become trapped only to cause suffering, limitation & an unnatural balance. We need to help raise the consciousness within enough individuals so as to retreat from the system of control & replace money, manipulation, domination, theft & other unnatural fear derived manifestations with freedom, RESPONSIBILITY, cooperation, courage, true care & positive imagination. The truth is knowledge, understanding & then wisdom... IN THAT ORDER.

The debilitating manifestations of lack, theft, authority, debt, terror & therefore external government will disappear when everything is in love & free.

Freedom MUST be defended at ALL times! The truth can never die but fear can occult (which means hide) the truth & actively take away our freedom through a lack of knowledge & understanding.

Through our moral thoughts & actions which are rooted in love & care, we will build towards true freedom & peace on Earth, which can ONLY be achieved when we take action in harmony with Nature's Laws & not man's false laws. There is no other way! There are perfect Laws already in operation, fundamentally imbedded into this Universe when it was created & are there to be discovered & aligned with. We also use the Natural Law Principles to create with, just like the Universe itself & EVERYTHING contained within it. Man can NOT create new laws. If he tries & these false laws are followed instead of the Universal Natural Law Principles, then by default the outcome WILL be negative, immoral, chaotic & non harmonious. Destruction from & to what would otherwise be a perfect system of natural evolution, peace & healthy growth will be guaranteed. The Natural system will be diseased. We have the free will choice to ignore this true statement but there will be a consequence of suffering as a result. We are a part of the system & a very important part. We are ALL creating a whole!

Are we choosing to work with the TRUE, moral, Natural Laws of freedom or man’s false, immoral, unnatural laws of authority, which is slavery? Freedom or slavery is ALWAYS a choice, a choice based in fear or true love.

Freedom has NO external rulers! It has internal rulers of self & the defence against violence with the necessary force of true love.

Learn to govern ONLY YOURSELF righteously by making sure that TRUE, correct, moral, Natural Law Principles have come first & then communicate that to others by taking action & also offering guidance. YOU need to know the truth... understand the truth... & BE the truth! You need to speak the truth. If you are aligned with the truth, true love, do not let anyone or anything else govern your physical body or your mind. Wisdom is a direct connection to the truth & understanding the truth produces a KNOWING, a knowing of Self.

Wisdom is action, the physical expression of knowing the truth through the process of understanding true love.

We are all one. This is all one. We are the one singular consciousness flowing through & animating all individual parts of OURSELF. We are not only the religions, nationalities, races & all other separating BELIEFS we have given ourselves. In the grand overview, we are not the end result. We are not just seperate from each other & our surroundings but instead a VITAL part of the Self creation process, just like your cells within you!

Everything must be NATURALLY balanced & FREE to operate out of correct moral principles derived from true love or positive growth ceases & fear/terror takes over resulting in chaos. This chaos is an UNNATURAL balance of external government, authority, inequality, theft, man's laws, tyranny, lies, manipulation, illusion, deception, greed, immorality, slavery, pain, lack, a movement away from abundance & violent destruction. Look at the world around you, it is not free, it is chaos & it is controlled by fear.

Freedom is NOT chaos! Freedom is Natural order! Freedom is life. Freedom is TRUE love. Freedom is OUR responsibility. Stop making the choice of immorally voting for fear/terror to control & govern you/us & choose to lovingly govern only yourself! Stop taking away others freedom because YOU are a lack of true love, afraid & BELIEVE in false laws. Start the journey of loving yourself & then you will be able to TRUELY love others.

Know Thyself.

Your "enemy" needs a hug...

Your “enemy” is you.

If you are directly or indirectly contributing to taking away another’s rights to NOT contribute directly or indirectly to taking away another’s rights, or in other words if your actions are NOT creating freedom to let others be free to create freedom & therefore defend themselves, then you are WRONG! It is IMPOSSIBLE to take away a right. The only thing that will happen by ignoring a right (that which is correct & will ALWAYS be correct because it is based in truth, true love) is a REAL outcome of suffering (somewhere in the Universe) through a false delusional, cowardly existence until the wrong behaviour is recognised then changed to be RIGHT & CORRECT.

Taking away or giving away the right to defend yourself is WRONG! You do NOT have the right.

Taking away a right is 100% wrong but taking away a wrong is 100% right.

We should be understanding our TRUE role in Nature's loving, harmonious system. Everything is an expression of its underlying truth, it is the symphony we are all creating together... & as individuals... at ALL levels of existence.

What is your symphony that you are creating? Is it out of true love or is it out of fear? Is it harmonious or chaotic? Is it freedom or is it slavery? Is it inline with truth, right & positive or not inline with truth, wrong & negative. We do NOT get to choose what is right & wrong in Nature, that already exists. What we have been given is the free will choice to choose whether to BE right or wrong! In fact that is the ONLY free will choice we have.

Love is the answer & love is the question. Love is why.

Operating from the highest vibration of love means you can feel all the range of true emotions. Getting ANGRY at injustice is derived from true love. Feeling SAD for someone in pain derives from true love. Just like any beautiful, POSITIVE masterpiece, all of the true emotions can & SHOULD be expressed but it was ultimately love & care that had to be undertaken to manifest it into existence. If a positive masterpiece stays in the mind it is because there was no care, therfore no action was taken due to this person operating from fear, so suffering will continue to manifest until a change in that being is made & the two gender polarities are reunited.

Art that is derived from fear, which is the lower polarity of the love vibration, WILL be destructive in it's expression & NOT positive. The emotions & actions were inline with WRONG thoughts & IMMORAL PRINCIPLES. We are ALL artists creating reality by default, so if you are not creating from principles based in TRUE love then you are unnaturally balanced & the results WILL be negative & detrimentle to the whole.

This world has Natural Laws (principles) that are operating constantly, correctly, always & everywhere. These TRUE Laws do not require your belief in them. Consciousness & free will choice are the random component to the equation of how this all works. It is our thoughts, our emotions & ultimately our ACTIONS (even lack of) that determine the manifestations we experience. Natural Law judges our actions & ALWAYS holds us accountable for our decisions with the appropriate effect, the appropriate communication. Everything is an expression of its fundamental truth. Are you & therefore your actions an expression of true love or a degree of fear?

When you don't know who you TRUELY are, then you are afraid. You will be an illusion, a distortion of the truth & not correct.

Know Thyself.

NOTHING on our website is designed & developed to be looked at & read once, including this "About Us" page. Everything is designed to be inspected & respected. Not only is this page "about us" as a creative individual identity & an explanation of what it is that we understand & are choosing to do with our time here, our purpose, it is also "about us" as a connected Universe able to become aware of itself. Who & what we ALL are. As your consciousness rises by understanding the wisdom we are communicating, more knowledge that was hidden within previously visited materials will become visable. You will start to understand that EVERYTHING in your reality was created & put there by you for you. Are you listening to your environment? Are you listening to yourself? In your present moment, YOU are sending & receiving EVERYTHING you ask for & ultimately want/need in your life to know, understand & become true love. You are sending yourself a feeling. Are you listening to your feelings? New, higher levels of consciousness brings forth new understanding (female) & wisdom (male) for you to unite together & then give birth to a knowing. We don't want you to BELIEVE anything we say or put forward without doing thorough research & due diligence. Don't take our word for anything but instead find the truth for yourself by BEING true love & shifting your attention towards other higher vibrational beings & information sources to gather knowledge. Be logical & then be wise, take the time to research & consciously examine your results. Break all knowledge down (including ours) by looking for fallacies & contradictions then reassemble the information to extract the truth. If you recognise that negative experiences & expressions have manifested & are manifesting from a lack of love, then share your results with others by not being afraid of the consequences & you will be helping to change our reality for the better. You will then be ACTING out of true love & THAT is wisdom.

ALL things at ALL times are an expression of TRUE love or fear, which is a lack of true love, an unknowing of who you really are, a disconnection from the truth, a lack of understanding, a movement away from the centre.

You are either choosing to be the disease or the immune system.

If you TRUELY want freedom then you must BE freedom or else you are a contradiction who is operating from fear, lying to yourself & to others. This means fighting for the freedom of all beings & not being afraid of the consequences. What is the point in doing something if you have not first obtained the freedom to do what is RIGHT? Freedom is a state of mind. Freedom is true love. It is the recognition & the natural balance of all polarities. Since the Creator & the Universe is true love, it lets us be free to choose! True love does not want to control others, it wants to only control itself by staying self centred. True love flows in a natural rhythm along the centre path & occupies the space of others when they stop BEING true love, when they move away from the centre, away from the true self. The truth will ALWAYS be a problem to a person who is not in love. We are choosing suffering & for our freedom to be taken away! If we continue to choose to be a lack of love, the Universe (out of true love & enough warning) will get rid of us because that is what true love does, it destroys fear by giving it what it is asking for.

Fear needs permission to rule & true love will NOT give it permission!

All the "things" that "happen" in our lives are direct consequences from choices made out of true love or a lack of love (fear). THAT'S ALL THERE IS! Coincidence is Natural Law not recognised. Everything has a purpose.

When you change the inside, the outside changes.

Continuing to search for & understand the truth is a choice made out of true love. Deciding to ignore & not know the truth is a choice derived from fear. You ultimately don't care, you are a lack of love & you are afraid. The search for true love ultimately makes you true love. You have to be it to find it & find it to be it. The journey is the goal & the goal is the journey, Male & Female exsisting & operating in unison. IT IS A MAGICAL QUEST.

NOTHING we do or say is to promote fear in any way but is in fact the very opposite. We want to confront fear & conquer it with loving actions. Search throughout these pages & really study what it is we are presenting & sharing. CARE ENOUGH to take a good hard look at the external world & assess it's current condition. Is the current reality of our world an expression of low, fear based consciousness or a high, love based consciousness? Look deep into your internal world & be honest with yourself. Are you in love? Are you afraid & therefore NOT in love? Are you in love with yourself? Are you afraid & therefore not in love with yourself? Are you afraid of what others may think of you? Are you afraid of others actions? Are you afraid of the truth & therefore afraid of love? What is your internal condition? REFUSE TO LIE. Lying is a lack of love, the polar opposite of truth. At ALL times you are either BEING true love energy in motion or CHOOSING to be a degree of fear energy in motion. It is a choice & you can NOT be both at the same time & in the same space. Don't be ignorant to how both the inner & outer worlds interact & also how they work individually. This is how you will KNOW. The more you come into line with the truth, the more peace & harmony you & the rest of us will experience. This is achieved by aligning your THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS & ACTIONS with Nature’s true Principles.

There is a difference between a knowing, which is based in the truth & a belief, which is your opinion. What you believe & what I believe is irrelevant to what something ACTUALLY is. The truth is singular, it does not have different versions, it is NOT relative. The truth is NOT what we call it because our words either accurately or inaccurately describe what already is, has been & always will be. We can NOT invent the truth. Fire burns & behaves EXACTLY the same way no matter who manifests it. Fire does not justify or change its natural principles & therefore it's expression depending on who or what falls into it or what we both BELIEVE it to be. Fire does not change its principles even when it is threatened to be extinguished! If Fire becomes unbalanced & out of control, it needs to be balanced with the correct amount of water, just like too much water needs to be balanced with the correct amount of Fire. The truth is discoverable as it is all around you & inside of you. The truth is definitive. We have the ability to seek, learn, understand & then CHOOSE to become balanced & align with truth to be correct or not.

Combine RIGHT moral thoughts with true care & take RIGHT ACTION!

When participating in wrong action, justifications are excuses & excusing wrong behaviour does NOT make it right! Because we are "governed" by TRUE Laws & Principles that exist within Nature (Natural Law Principles) then there WILL be a consequence for that wrong behaviour & it WILL NOT be positive. Trying to dry your clothes by applying more water will NOT produce the positive, correct result you desire, no matter how much you BELIEVE it will work & the excuses you use to justify this behaviour! You have too much moisture & need less moisture, not more. BELIEVING in, adhering to & participating in the fear based, false principle of authority will ONLY create slavery, violence, suffering & chaos no matter how much you BELIEVE it is real & necessary. You have too much fear & need less fear, not more. Fear is the result of a lack of true love.

Freedom is an inherent RIGHT & therefore TRUE for everybody! Freedom is correct. You are NOT free to do whatever you want, you are free to be true love. We have been given the free will choice to choose whether to be right or wrong, that’s it. If you are not BEING true love then you can not & will not BE free. It is true love that created & is creating this Universe while a lack of true love is controlling it, manipulating it & destroying it. The Creator's Natural Law Principles are the only TRUE Laws "governing" us & CHOOSING to adhere to these TRUE Laws will produce peace & freedom. False laws that are not based in truth are WRONG & can NOT produce positive results. Since life is naturally conspiring to evolve & be a true loving expression of itself & everything is singular, one, together, the UNI-VERSE (One Song, One Breath, One Natural Conspiracy) then YOUR wrong, immoral behaviour effects us all!

It is not enough to just think, feel & say you want peace, harmony & freedom, YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE REQUIRED ACTION! We ALL do. Untill we start BEING true love, BEING health & BEING free by aligning ourselves with truth, the Natural Laws that ARE in effect WILL continue to give us slavery, disease, disharmony & all other forms of suffering. We have the power to CHOOSE & we ARE choosing! The majority of us are choosing to give our power, our rights away to others & this is WRONG! We can NOT give a right away, we do not have that power.

What are YOU choosing?

What are you waiting for?

The Universe, by way of it's true Natural Law Principles, HAS to give you what you are BEING, what you are free will choosing. We ARE the Universe giving ourselves what we are asking for. We are all vibrating. We are love energy in motion (emotion). We are all choosing to BE a degree of that love energy, vibrating & producing a frequency that WILL be expressed in physical form... EVERYTHING IS.

This world operates correctly at the vibration of TRUE love. If you (the Universe) are telling yourself (the Universe) that you are a low vibrational frequency that is not true love, then you (the Universe) will FEEL that & you (the Universe) will HAVE to give yourself distorted material manifestations of that same low frequency by way of physical actions & expressions to maintain your chosen vibration...


ALL diseases & distortions are created & solved at the energetic frequency level first, NOT the material level as this is the expression! The expression is the RESULT of the frequency vibration, THE EMOTIONAL STATE OF BEING!

Everything is communicating a form of energy. What type of energy are you consuming & producing? Is it true love energy or a lack of true love (fear) energy? What are you communicating to others? What are others communicating to you?

If your THOUGHTS are communicating to you that peace harmony & freedom is the correct, right way to be & your EMOTIONS are confirming this, then your ACTIONS must say the same for that to manifest!

Lets end this madness.

Wake up & take PROPER action!

Take personal responsibility!


There is only love.
EVERYTHING derives from true love or a lack of true love.

Love is truth.
Find love & you will find truth.


It starts with Principles.