Forcing your right or wrong idea of healthcare upon me is bad for my health. Mentally, emotionally & physically. You are not educating me on how to be free & how to be responsible so I can think, feel & then choose for myself. You are retarding me. You are slowing me down & holding me back. You are shrinking my world view, keeping me in a box & enslaving me. You are creating artificial intelligence. You are claiming ownership of my mind, body & soul. You are removing my dreams & making my feelings & my actions dependent upon you & your ideas, your thinking, your programming. You are now trying to programme me. You are trying to direct me to behave in a certain way through the execution of manipulative & threatening commands. You don’t care for me. You are causing trauma & disease. Please explain the reasoning for your position & let me choose & decide for myself after I have also looked into the OPPOSITE of what you are advocating & dictating. If you are confident in your stance & not afraid then you won’t hide behind the walls of a violent labyrinth or silence the opposition. You will let me be free. You will let me look independently & you will not re-present the truth because the truth will present itself. Being scientific, you won’t mind me looking into the alternative so I can make an informed decision & then speak to share my thoughts & feelings so we can come to a common understanding of what is real & what is just a fictional preference. By doing this I can help to prove you &/or me right or wrong, right?

Thank you,


H I T L E R !

I’ve got some PROPER investigative journalism & reporting to do...

My freedom depends on it.

I love you but you DO NOT own me!

We should become friends & respect each other’s views, wants & needs with the common goals of forgiveness, trust, freedom, love & TRUTH. This would be so much more inclusive & easier. It is healthy & freeing to listen to others, admit when wrong, to forgive & to be forgiven, that’s how we will come to know, understand & be right therefore creating the health you say you want.

It is the forcefulness, domination, total control & total submission, the false belief in authority, the following of orders, the lack of freedom, the lack of choice, the lack of trust, the lack of faith, the lack of privacy, the lack of free flowing information, the lack of natural individual processing, the lack of personal responsibility, the lack of communication, the lack of equality, the lack of the opposite, the lack of you & me, the lack of empathy, the lack of all perspectives, the lack of unfiltered natural sunlight, fresh air, pure water & healthy soil, the lack of the truth, THE LACK OF TRUE LOVE ENERGY IN MOTION & all other derivatives of fear that is unhealthy.

If you were to create a time & a space to focus on you, learn to truely love yourself, become healthy & know who you are, then you will cease to be afraid of me & you will cease to be afraid of you... YOU WILL CEASE TO BE AFRAID. It is only by doing this that you can truely understand & truely love me.

Once you can COMPLETELY understand YOURSELF, your TRUE Self, which is Universal & common to ALL, then you can understand you & me, we can finally be one. We can be in love with each other’s sameness & differences. We can cease to cause a distorted, diseased, fearful reality of only accepting half, of always choosing to accept less than the whole of who we are which is infinite & finite.

We are you & me, not just you OR me.


B R🔺D L 3 Y O N E