We urgently need to balance the exposing of the distortion, the immoral illusion, the incorrect manifestations, the diseased environment, the unhealthy images, actions & feelings that we currently have & do NOT want with the exposure of the truth if we want to develop a picture of peace, health & freedom!

We have been & are being manipulated, genetically engineered & traumatised into forgetting our purpose. We have been & are being disconnected from the truth & its vibrational frequency.

We have forgotten who & what we are.

We are creating a fearful revolution of unknowing & revolving our lives around nonsense instead of correctly evolving into commonsense, health, true love, personal responsibility, freedom & truth.

We are SENTENCING ourselves to an unnatural & cruel birth, life & death with the incorrect understanding of SPELLING & the movement away from our TRUE language that is everywhere & common to ALL. It is the movement away from our TRUE central position that is keeping us afraid, divided, halved, externally governed, enslaved, controlled, searching for a leader, searching for the answers, isolated, at war, tortured, obeying orders, hiding behind a mask, pressured, frustrated, misunderstood, depressed, in the dark, diseased, stressed & sick. It is keeping us from being truely alive, truely in love, responsible, holistic, abundant, free & in rhythm with nature & what is real. By disproportionately researching exposing & claiming the polarised & darkly charged symbols, the intended or unintended agendas of total consumption & slavery, the predictive manipulative subliminal programmes & all immoral actions of others as the truth & saying that this is reality then we are repetitively birthing that very distorted & polarised intent into existence! We are skewing our worldview. We are unwisely creating & revolving around a false centre, a false idea. We are incorrect. We are saying three plus six equals thirteen instead of nine. We are saying the illusion & the distortion is real. We are incorrectly accepting fear as our chosen centre & by doing this we are constantly processing, feeling & recreating what we don't want. We are being manipulated into RESEARCHING fear & therefore predictably RE-FEELING & RE-BIRTHING what we are finding... over & over & over again.

We are becoming prophetic & predicting the pre planned & well placed dictations. We are uncovering the unnatural programme & falsely pronouncing we are correct. We are taking pride in being incorrect & predictable.


We need to search for the truth!

We need to search for freedom!

We need to search for the centre.

We need to search for equality & equilibrium.

We need to search for & include the opposite potential to any hidden or visible agenda & thought.

We need to search for, accept & include unpredictability to balance the equation.

We need to search for high degrees of love & forgiveness.

We need to search for empathy.

We need to search for courage, awareness & presence.

We need to search for our common language so we can choose to speak our TRUE form of peace & harmony into existence.

We need to search for the ALL potential & then choose wisely.

We need to search for & create an emotional state of being that is holistic & nurturing.

We need to be able to process what we don’t want, create a new thought, a new feeling & then birth what we DO want in the form of new actions.

We need to feel what is wrong & then change our position, our shape, our actions & our words so we can feel right.

We need to change our mind.

We need to be able to say NO when necessary.

We need to see the hidden potential.

We need to understand  the ALL potential of our imagination & become responsible for our thoughts, emotions & actions that are creating our past, present & future.

We need to receive, feel & accept what is (whether right or wrong) & then give a balanced & holistic reply. We might need to hold on or let go. We need to understand we have BOTH options.

We need to stop unknowingly wandering around the labyrinth researching fear & shift our intention & attention towards researching the Natural Law Principles of creation. This change of direction & focus will lead us home to our true centre where we will then find & come to KNOW true love & equilibrium.

We need to know the truth, understand the truth & then be truely wise & correct to create harmony, abundance, health & TRUE freedom.

We need to stop giving our centre, our foundational structure, our imagination, our dreams, our individuality, our fingerprints, our attention, our consciousness, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our logical processing, our language, our beauty, our creative potential, our voice, our free will choice, our power, our connection, our light, our vision, our sight, our vibrational frequency, our health, our awareness, our movements, our direction, our shapes, our rights, our sovereignty, our corona, our breath, our life, our genetics, our responsibility, our reality & OUR SELF away to others & their fearful, parasitic, self preserving, off centred, divided, unnatural, ugly, diseased, false, immoral, violent, dark forceful ideas wants & intents.

The truth is the common mathematic principles & TRUE scientific Laws of Nature that create BOTH the low vibrational, fearful, ritualistic, dark, incorrect geometric distortions of theft, division, authority, lack, slavery & disease or the high vibrational, creative, healthy, beautiful & correct geometric expressions of true love, light, abundance & freedom.

The truth is the common Natural Law Principles that are contained at the centre & exterior of ALL manifestations & ALL stories. The story or the spoken rendition may or may not be accurate & may or may not have actually happened but the principles contained within & without do not change. Reporting only the effect as factual & true is incorrect as the truth is BOTH the effect & the vibrational cause. The truth contains BOTH polarities & gender expressions of Male & Female. The truth contains BOTH positive & negative, red & blue, left & right, inside & outside. The truth contains BOTH me & you, not just me OR you. The truth is holistic. The truth is freedom & free will choice. The truth is NOT just the effect as there is ALWAYS a reason, a cause, TRUE principles, a vibrational frequency & a feeling in the moment of now for ALL degrees of manifestation. The effect is the birthed emotional thought frequency over relative time. It is now an action. It is a conscious &/or unconscious intention. It is the forever changing past & future moment of now. The effect is a past vibrational intent, a thought, a feeling, an emotional state of being that has been processed, felt & birthed into an action through all corresponding time & into all corresponding space.

The moment of now, the centre, receives past intended thought emotions, consciously &/or unconsciously processes a feeling & then consciously &/or unconsciously sends out a chosen thought vibration in the FORM of an action, a geometric shape, an expression, a story, a future emotion that will be received & then consciously &/or unconsciously processed & felt by others as a past thought intention in the “new” moment of now. This communication continues. Positive, negative, positive, negative... This is Grammar, logic & rhetoric. This is input, processing & output. This is knowledge, understanding & wisdom. This is the Trivium & the Quadrivium. This is a language. This is an emotional frequency vibration. This is cymatics. This is sound. This is colour. This is steam, water & ice. This is invisible all the way through to visible. This is light. This is birth, life, death, birth, life, death... forever.

If EVERYBODY does not have the same right to perform the same action you are claiming to have the right to do then it is NOT a right & you are wrong. You are speaking a false language that will not make true sense & should not be understood until the opposite polarity has been incorporated into the equation as it is NOT commonsense & is NOT completely centred. You have become a dictator who is dictating a false language & you are using this uncommon language to justify your distorted actions that will be causing harm & trauma. Anyone speaking this synthetic language of false laws & illusion (incorrect mathematics, artificial intelligence) will be creating disease & removing the common feeling of freedom. If it is not consensual & inherently common to all then it is a psychopathic & ignorant preference derived from fear & ONLY exists in the mind of the egotistical & disconnected. Writing a wrong law down on a piece of paper does not magically make it a right law. The truth exists independently & is there to be discovered & wisely communicated. If we continue to falsely accept, incorrectly agree, stand under or understand wrong claims as right principles & believe them to be our correct language then we will continue to suffer & remain damaged & enslaved. We will refuse to die (change) for what is right. We will continue to block out our sun, pollute our air, poison our water & corrupt our earth.

Syntax error.

Expose the truth!

Search for, understand & then speak our TRUE language. Search for & understand the Natural Law Principles of creation. Search for arithmetic, geometry, music & astronomy. Search for the visible & also the invisible that created it. Search for the positive & negative potential in ALL things. Find, experience & KNOW the centre to create a bright & loving exterior. Free your mind & imagine. Imagine a better way. Learn how to see infinity. Learn how to consciously give & receive responsibly. Learn how to share. Learn how to sing, dance & play in rhythm. Learn how to truely love, forgive & uncover a truely healthy & free world of abundance. Learn how to take of your mask. Learn how to breathe. LEARN HOW TO BE FREE. We owe it to ourselves, each other & especially our children. We owe it to our past, our present & our future.

Thank you.


B R🔺D L 3 Y