I am your eyes looking back from a future, painting a picture of torture through literature.

The cells with their phones, limited language & drones, have created an illusion of mind controlled clones... W.H.O are cloning the mind & controlling its content, never content with the natural environment.

Artificial intelligence, unnatural, the loss of sense.

Gone is the innocence, love & importance, of thinking & choosing, of skin with no bruising.

Abusing the Self, isolated, alone...

...but the paint & the canvas has ALWAYS been your own!

Your hands in your now can paint a new picture, one without starvation, flames, ash & cinder. A choice of more colours, more freedom, more air.

Please change your mind, change my vision, don’t forget how to care. Create beauty from your heart, start to know, do, learn to share. Imagine a better way, because it hurts to see here.

B R A D L 3 Y