If any “new normal” does not consist of freedom, privacy & the free will choice to speak, to have an original thought, to think for oneself, to move correctly without harassment, to stand at any distance within space, to walk the other way, to include the opposite, to go against the grain, to move without surveillance, to be spontaneous, to defend your body from attackers, the free will choice to NOT suffer, to NOT starve, to NOT be ruled over, to NOT be extorted, to NOT be coerced, to NOT cause harm, to NOT support terror, to NOT be at war, to NOT pick a side, to NOT be forced vaccinated, to NOT share your personal health information, to NOT be tracked, to NOT be traced, to NOT wear a mask, to NOT be “social distanced” & to NOT be tortured then it is NOT normal! It is immoral, evil & incorrect. It is a dictatorship. It is wrong. It is mind control & forced thinking. It is the removal &/or ignorance of communication, of light, of truth, of information, of compassion & empathy. It is the limiting of health. It is the limiting of the seven liberal arts. It is the limiting of grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music & astronomy. It is the limiting of our input, our processing & our output, our thoughts, our emotions & our actions. It is the limiting of our understanding & our TRUE Will. It is the limiting of the solution, of trust & of our power. It is the limiting of us & of YOU!

It is fear.

It is afraid.

It is artificial intelligence.

It is a movement away from reality.

It is a lack of true love energy in motion.


Understanding free will choice, your opinion, ALL opinions & the right to speak & be heard is truely normal. Being silenced or punished BEFORE an act of ACTUAL right or wrong doing... is wrong. It is still unmanifested, has NOT happened & is only a potential exsisting in the mind of the punisher, in the mind of the fearful controller. This is psychological, emotional & physical abuse. This is the movement AWAY from reality, from truth, balance, unification, all potential, growth, natural evolution, health, peace, true love, trust, knowledge, understanding, wisdom & freedom. This is an illusion. This is fear. The potential to cause harm or to not cause harm is always existing as a possibility, just like the potential to forgive or to not forgive. ALL opposites of Male & Female exist as potential.

We SHOULD be rejecting the concept of strict obedience & order following because this is slavery. Think & then feel for yourself! Say & do what YOU think & feel to be right in the moment of now & take personal responsibility for YOUR choosing of right &/or wrong actions independent of the order or command you were issued to obey. Learn to feel & process information correctly. Offer someone else & yourself the free will choice to not cause harm or to not be harmed. Use your imagination to think about creative ways to provide a healthy & non suffering solution for ALL.

All problems are created from a lack of imagination, a lack of communication. All problems are created from a lack of understanding...

a lack of understanding true love...

a lack of understanding the whole, a lack of understanding reality, a lack of understanding the truth, a lack of understanding the Natural Law Principles of creation, a lack of understanding freedom, a lack of understanding responsibility, a lack of understanding morality, a lack of understanding our TRUE language, a lack of understanding symbols & symbolism, a lack of understanding the science of space & time, a lack of understanding the opposite, the other side, a lack of understanding ALL perspectives, a lack of understanding that we ALREADY have free will choice & we are either choosing to create physical freedom or a lack of physical freedom. We are either choosing to obey dictations by dictators or we are choosing to freely decide for ourselves.

We are either being full of light & TRUE love energy in motion or a lack of true love energy in motion, which is a degree of fear energy in motion, a degree of darkness, a degree of unknowing.

We must be free to experience BOTH right & wrong so we can understand & then know. We can then create or uncreate our problems by choosing the right or wrong action. We can ONLY be right by being free to KNOW & UNDERSTAND wrong! We must be free to know the truth, to know who we are, to know we are the free will choice between right & wrong. This is normal. This is correct. This is communication. This is cooperation. This is courage. This is trust. This is faith. This is holistic. This is responsibility. This is positive growth. This is natural. This is TRUE love. This is life.

The removal of information, of ANY potential & the deletion of the opposite perspective (the opposite half needed to complete the whole) is not helpful when trying to understand ANYTHING. In fact you will start to know & experience NOTHING.

If we want the freedom to not suffer then we NEED to understand ourselves & each other.

We NEED to understand the truth.

We NEED to imagine.

We NEED to understand right & wrong.

Government of others is wrong.

Government of others is slavery.

Government LITERALLY means mind control & governing ANOTHERS mental is wrong! It is manipulative & deceptive. Government (to govern, to steer, to control, the ment, the mental, the mind) communicates & programs its agenda to the subconscious of others through a lack of awareness. It operates & moves under the cover of darkness to secretly impose its will. It bypasses correct, central & holistic processing by way of left &/or right polarities exclusively & relies on division, separation, ignorance, trauma & all other dark derivatives of fear. It suggests & then if accepted, provides its distorted language, its distorted vibration, its distorted “reality” of false laws & decrees. It is limiting & takes AWAY responsibility & original thoughts. It CREATES trauma, programming & handling. It stops positive growth, natural birth cycles, imagination, light, sight, health & freedom because it is afraid & does not understand the opposite of total control. It does not understand the opposite half of its TRUE whole self which is the acceptance & unification of total control & no control. Knowing & unknowing. Predictability & spontaneity. Determinism & randomness. Birth & death. Male & Female. 3 & 6, Left & Right. Me & You...


True love, freedom & reality is the complete understanding of order & chaos. It is the complete understanding of both infinite extreme polarities of a thought, of emotions & of actions. True love, freedom & reality is balanced & Self sovereign. It is the knowing & unknowing of everything & nothing. True love is ALL perspectives.

Free your own mind.

Correctly Self Govern your own mental & be in control of your own thoughts, emotions & actions. Lovingly give yourself & your imagination the right of free will choice from the ALL potential of mind.

Be holistic & see the beauty...


Let the beauty see you.

Be responsible.

Be TRUELY normal & be free to choose.

Be free to imagine!

Be TRUE natural intelligence.

Be free to know, understand & then become your choice!

Be free to say yes &/or no.

Be free.

Be the all potential.

Be TRUE love energy in motion.


Or don’t,
it’s your choice.

B R ∆ D L 3 Y