Life itself is our TRUE school, our TRUE educational system.

Our TRUE reality is that we are born into a free world of Self discovery through free will choice. When we are raised correctly & TRUELY nurtured, TRUELY guided & TRUELY loved, we can then understand this.

We can understand that we are TRUELY free.

Since we are born already free, we MUST choose our reality... & WE ARE!

Every moment is a manifestation of our free will choices. Our reality is unlimited or limited only by our imagination & our understanding of right & wrong. Our understanding of the Male, the Female & their sacred connection. Free your mind, expand your imagination, learn how to think for yourself, learn how to think holistically & teach others how to do the same.

We need to stop telling people WHAT to think & teach them HOW to think so they can understand WHY they even think in the first place. This process leads to why you are here, why you exist, why the experience you are experiencing exists... why ANYTHING exists.

Performing an action with the justification of following orders & not following what YOU think & feel to be right means you are living someone else’s idea/s & their version of life. You do not want to be responsible so you chose to agree by not disagreeing & therefore you are CHOOSING to cooperate irresponsibly. By doing this you are creating & experiencing the reality of slavery. This is a false reality that is wrong but it is the precise experience & feeling that you NEED to give to yourself so you can completely understand yourself or you wouldn’t have chosen it.

Your silence spoke the loudest.

It is the contradiction between our thoughts, emotions & actions that produces a lack. It produces disease, stress & suffering. It is now a life off purpose which provides harsh lessons for us to experience.

A life disconnected from the central source of true love energy in motion, of holistic light, of truth, of knowledge, of purpose, of responsibility, of freedom & the right to choose means you are afraid, you are suffering, you do not understand, you are lost, you are searching & you need help not rejection & abuse.

Practice using your imagination to see the opposite perspective, the "positive" polarity in all of your "negative" experiences & the “negative” polarity in all of your “positive” experiences. By allowing yourself to do this, you will start to understand the teachings of life & the importance of free will choice & forgiveness. You can then understand that there is a whole new world, a whole new possibility, a whole new reality, a whole new vibration, a whole new feeling that is awaiting to be chosen, manifested & birthed into action.

External government, slavery & fear is not reality, it is a distorted version of the correct mathematical melody.

Reality or a lack of reality is a free will choice & the willingness to die/change for what is right or wrong. To know & experience who you are is also to know & experience who you are not.

Life is our TRUE school & we are enrolled into an unraveling of Self discovery.

B R A ∞ L E Y