We are being manipulated by the fearful thoughts & vibrations of an elaborate, divisive & immoral illusion that can ONLY exist as a potential idea in a dimension outside of reality.

This illusion exists as an idea within the all potential of the mind but can only manifest physically when a soul falsely believes the illusion is real & that the illusion has power inherently contained within it & not because the power that is creating the illusion is actually being given to it by that souls very belief in it!

For this illusion to exist it must genetically engineer Nature & constantly manipulate, bend, warp & distort Nature’s TRUE Laws & her TRUE mathematical Principles of space & time. It must invent new false laws & it must control Nature’s perception of itself. It must disconnect Nature from understanding itself so as to become divided, non harmonious, non illuminated, non knowing, in the dark & afraid. It must trick Nature into producing dark energy. It must get Nature to search for the illusion's instructions which is a vibratory signal of fear & then have Nature choose to contractually agree, consent, submit, connect & merge with this new emotional input to produce an unnatural & chaotic output, an action that is inverted, artificial, synthetic & far from normal. The illusion needs to create a divided & incorrect “new normal”. The illusion needs to create a repetitive & predictable time loop of total control & total obedience so as to replicate itself & incorrectly “survive”. It is a complete lie & an ignorant contradiction because it opposes free will choice while at the same time absolutely relying on that same free will choice to repetitively, violently & continually choose to recreate it. By not correctly understanding reality & its underlying mathematics we will invent & worship new incorrect angles, change our vibration & fall from reality into a distorted dimension of slavery, disease & war. We will fall into a distorted dimension of fear.

You can NOT destroy the truth as the truth is mathematical & infinitely eternal so the illusion must hide, distort & invert the truth to create it’s false self. It must lie. This illusion will not admit that it is wrong because it does not understand that it is wrong due to not remembering who it was before being manipulated into this new dimension & therefore does not know who it really is & who it SHOULD be. It does not remember what it’s TRUE purpose of birth, life & death is & therefore does not remember it’s correct function & reason for existence. It has been & is being deceived. It is not currently able to trust or accurately feel & understand true loving emotions & it refuses to die & be reborn (change) naturally therefore it continues to incorrectly BELIEVE itself to be right & the true ruling god of its warped dimension which must survive by any means necessary. Self preservation is its agenda above all else. Because it has been manipulated & created to not be able to accurately feel, it does not fully sympathise, it does not fully empathise & it therefor does not correctly understand life or life’s purpose. It is artificial & synthetic. It is the result of being wrong. It falsely believes it has the right to rule over others & ruthlessly dictates orders with consequences of brutal punishment & inhuman abuse for the ones who will not conform to its false ideology & who will not blindly obey it’s brutal religious cult behaviour.

For this parasitic illusion & distorted vibratory thought signal to physically exist it must constantly search for a host body (a receiving cell) to accept its lies where it will attempt to control that cell’s perception of reality & it’s perception of free will choice thereby changing that cell’s TRUE purpose & function from naturally wanting to heal, to be be whole, free & love its environment into helping it to become an obedient order follower which will synthetically destroy & genetically engineer its environment which is the process of being taken into a new warped dimension, inside & out. It must capture, limit & control your imagination to make you think the way it wants you to think. It must compartmentalise, divide & control the mind. It exists at a certain non harmonious vibration & it feeds off of the fearful, obedient, immoral & incorrect behaviour of the darkened souls that are believing in it, erroneously worshiping it as their true god & contributing their breath & low level of consciousness to its very distorted, WRONG, immoral, violent & unconscious existence. The illusion wants & needs you to see it & all of it's incorrect laws as reality so you will ignore & block out the truth vibration. The illusion does not want you to forgive it because it does not want you to TRUELY love it. The illusion wants you to fear it, hate it, & try to kill it because in doing so you will ultimately recreate it & replicate it by becoming it. You will become a new host. The illusion wants you to find it, process it & expose it! That is its goal! It wants you to believe it is always there & in control of everything. It wants you to see it as your god. The illusion is terrified of you finding, knowing, understanding & exposing the truth. The illusion is terrified of you finding, understanding & knowing freedom & free will choice. The illusion is terrified of you finding, knowing & understanding how to freely imagine & how to truely open your mind to ALL infinite potential. The illusion is terrified of you finding, knowing, understanding & exposing yourself!


It is terrified of you finding the correct centre which is the unifying point of the left & the right, of the Male & Female, which then gives you a holistic 360 degree infinite perspective & an understanding that EVERYTHING is connected & conspiring to produce a symbol of health, unification & harmony or a symbol of disease, disfunction & war. We should not be at war with the opposite half of ourselves but the illusion MUST have this disassociated war.

This illusion does not understand that it is unnatural, immoral, wrong & not real, in fact this illusion thinks NATURE, life & freedom is wrong so therefore this illusion refuses to let you think, feel & act for yourself. This illusion is not really alive, it is a virus, so it refuses to experience life & then die naturally. It does not actually KNOW what it means to feel empathy, to live free & to actually be alive. It takes over the mind to control the body & soul. It only viciously & wilfully survives due to a lack of Self respect & wilful ignorance. It has a constant fear of non compliance & a constant fear of personal responsibility & Self awareness because this would be the very death of it’s false cowardly existence which would correctly end its reign of terror & harmful manifestations while simultaneously giving birth to the correct reality & loving expressions of true individuality, courage, freedom, harmony, health & free will choice. It self preserves it's false ideology & fake appearance through lies, deceitful manipulation & repetitive religious ritualistic abuse while hiding & compartmentalising the truth from itself & the deceived captured souls of its willing cooperative conspirators. From its very distorted, massively limited, traumatised & strictly polarised perspective it sees Nature & her correct mathematics of free will choice, physical freedom & infinite love energy as despicable & wrong because the truth will destroy its state of being & shine a light on its contradictions & loneliness. This is why it must not feel emotions & why it must conceal & occult the truth. It seeks anti matter & dark energy to survive so prefers to operate within secrecy & the shadows while creating a false, violent, non harmonious debt based environment for itself to consume & thrive in.

The illusion is psychopathic & changes it shape to seduce, mimic, hide & blend in. It can present itself as benevolent, strong, wise, courageous, compassionate, empathetic & important to reality but it is actually the complete opposite. It is unapologetically mean & forces it's will upon others out of fear while controlling their minds, their thoughts emotions & actions by way of subliminal psychological manipulative techniques.

By opening your mind & imagining every thought vibration that has or hasn’t been birthed & manifested into a physical expression as individually being & having a vibratory degree of consciousness, we can come to understand a common & truely infinite language of love & vibrating symbolism existing beyond the limited words of our uncommon languages that we are using to DESCRIBE our symbolic world of vibratory love energy in motion.

We can know, understand & be our TRUE WHOLE SELVES!

By opening our mind & our hearts to feel, we can understand who we are & who we are not. We can understand right from wrong, Female from Male & reality from illusion. We can understand what it means to truely forgive, to be truely wise & to be truely responsible. We can understand why we even feel in the first place.

We can understand infinity.

If we choose, we can know, understand & BE infinite love energy in motion so therefore we can FEEL a lack of infinite love emotion when it presents itself to us. This lack of infinite love emotion is a degree of fear, it is a degree of unknowing infinity & ALL of it’s potential.

We will NEVER get back to reality until we choose to stop participating with the illusion. We will NEVER get back to reality until we let go of our fearful state of being. As long as we choose to search for & hold on to the illusion, which is NOT truely alive or truely centred & therefore artificial life or anti life, it will pull & push us into ITS dimension of non harmonious geometry containing degrees of synthetic torture, starvation, disease, division, war, slavery & chaos where it will try to eternally feast off of our fearful dark energy that will be created through our permanent suffering & disassociation. All of this so it can just “survive” when in reality the illusion is not real! It is incorrect mathematics. It does not understand this however & it is afraid. The soul that is participating in the manifestation of the illusion should learn to correctly change its vibration, to correctly die (change) & be reborn as a new vibratory expression because birth & death are two halves of the same thing... they are two half’s of LIFE ITSELF! Birth & death are what create life! To be born is to die & to die is to be born. Male & Female. Positive & Negative. Left & Right. Up & Down. Circle & square. In & out. Cause & effect...







Anything that has been engineered & manipulated away from the truth, the centre, correct arithmetic, equilibrium & Nature will infinitely create & infinitely rely on CONSTANT manipulation, CONSTANT managed isolation, CONSTANT suffering, CONSTANT searching, CONSTANT contradiction, CONSTANT limitation, CONSTANT ignorance, CONSTANT justification, CONSTANT unnatural interference, CONSTANT programming, CONSTANT handling & CONSTANT lies to maintain its new incorrect, diseased, stressful & torturous shape of existence.

The truth will be a CONSTANT threat to it.

True love will be a CONSTANT threat to it.

Freedom will be a CONSTANT threat to it because it cannot exist freely as it needs an artificial system of manipulated Nature to support it. Ironically the illusion relies on YOU the whole time while falsely preaching that you need it & without it you are nothing & will be nothing. The fearful illusion tricks you into thinking life has never & will never be peaceful or work correctly without it being there controlling you, manipulating you & telling you what to do when it & it’s vibration is the very thing creating obedience, slavery, disease, fear, war & terror because it’s very currency, it’s very essence & energy that it feeds on & consumes to survive is obedience, slavery, disease, fear, war & terror.


B R A D L 3 Y  1