We are PERFECTLY creating what we are wanting & what we are asking for because the TRUTH is that reality &/or illusion, right &/or wrong is a free will choice that both contain specific mathematical moral or immoral consequences.

We can NOT invent the truth or change it. The truth is mathematical & definitive. We can only accept it or not accept it. We can only know it or not know it. We can only ignore it or cease to ignore it.

If we CHOOSE to not be truely intelligent, responsible & emotionally wise enough to understand who we TRUELY are, if we CHOOSE to not be emotionally aware & present, if we CHOOSE to not understand our common language that is inherent to all, if we CHOOSE to refuse to listen to our own & others feelings, if we CHOOSE to govern another’s mental, refuse to self govern our OWN mental & CHOOSE to ignore & contradict our own REALITY of freedom & free will choice by CHOOSING to not be free then we will CHOOSE to create a perfect & totally predictable false reality of manipulation, disease, politics, division, slavery & suffering. We will eventually perfect slavery, become soulless & permanently seek to silence our voice & imprison the mind of all.

We will choose to not choose.

We will be wrong.

We will CHOOSE to be ignorant & incorrect. We will CHOOSE to be racist, sexist & all other forms of prejudice inequality. We will CHOOSE to not know & to not understand. We will CHOOSE to disconnect ourselves & others from nature & everything that TRUELY loves us & is willing to forgive us. We will CHOOSE to disconnect from everything that wants to help us to be free & in love with ourselves & in love with the seemingly opposite of ourselves which is all others. We will CHOOSE to ignore & refuse that which is wisely speaking & communicating the truth to us through its loving energetic state of being. We will disconnect ourselves from our connected omnipresent natural loving mind of free will choice & of natural creation. We will disconnect from our TRUE source of light & become non illuminated, artificial & synthetic. We will become out of rhythm & non harmonious. We will become a symbol of oppression & lack because we will disconnect from our feelings. We will disconnect from our true purpose of being. We will disconnect from the truth vibration & all of the memories & future possibilities that reveal who we are & who we are not. We will disconnect the subconscious from the super conscious, the past from the future, the young from the elders, the death from the birth, the Mum from the Dad, the Female from the Male, the right from the left & we will go to war with ourselves. We will disconnect from the truth, from abundance, from empathy, from forgiveness, from unity, from our TRUE light source, from natural growth, from true love emotion & all of its healthy expressions. We will disconnect from life. We will disconnect from our breath. We will disconnect from our natural conspiracy, our natural connected spirit. We will disconnect from each other. We will disconnect from our imagination & the correct answers. We will disconnect from the all potential of infinite mind & participate in the predictable creation of a significantly inferior & emotionless artificial mind that we will then inevitably & predictably connect ourselves to. We will connect to an unnatural conspiracy. This mind of artificial intelligence will run our lives for us. It will invent & dictate artificial laws, oppressive orders, false decrees & immoral commands to us with the threat of violence if we do not obey. It will be a false saviour that will choose for us & govern all aspects of our being. It will do this through the manipulation of our TRUE language. It will manipulate our emotions & it will change our biology.

By rejecting the other half of you, the opposite of what you currently believe & by choosing this lesser than whole, synthetic artificial mind & lifeless way of thinking, you will allow this predator mind to install & uninstall the necessary programs into your subconscious & you will readily accept the required spelling needed to conjure up the desired energy in motion, the desired emotion, the desired vibration, the desired lack of true love energy in motion, the desired symbol of fear, of disease, ignorance, obedience, violence & oppression that exists as an idea within the all potential of your imagination & your TRUE holistic mind. The opposite idea of slavery would be TRUE equality, cooperation, free will choice, abundance, health & TRUE freedom. The opposite of any & ALL ideas, rhythms & emotions exist within a free mind. This is all a free will choice of quantum thought potentiality, of positive & negative energy in motion, of emotion being birthed as an action or symbol over relative time & space.

.../input, processing, output/input, processing, output/input, processing, output/input, processing, output/...

From thought to emotion to action & then back from action to emotion to thought.

.../3 9 6 / 6 9 3 / 3 9 6 / 6 9 3/...

.../birth, life, death/birth, life, death/birth, life, death/birth, life, death/...

EVERYTHING is an emotional thought, an emotional action, expression or symbol that is to be sensed, pulled apart, processed, felt, understood, put back together & re-birthed as a beautiful Male &/or Female emotional expression of free will choice that will be sensed, pulled apart, felt, understood, put back together & re-birthed again. A correctly balanced & unified TRUE loving universe correctly senses the vibrational emotion of its environment & births the correct thought & emotion in the form of a NEW action, a NEW emotion that is needed to heal its environment so as to maintain equilibrium, health, freedom, the free flow of information & free will choice. Fear distorts this process & manipulates the natural truely loving creation cycle to continually birth an artificial geometric shape of cowardice, ignorance, lack, authority, dominance, slavery & disease. A lack of love vibration or what we call fear tries to disconnect, distort, imprison, trap, capture & limit the free flow of energy & information which causes huge amounts of unknowing, limitation, distortion, pain & suffering such as starvation, over indulgence, addiction & unnecessary pressure while a true love vibration wants to release trapped energy, release trapped information & let it flow on purpose as an expression of health to produce huge amounts of ease, abundance & creative individuality. True love will introduce & offer the opposite polarity to create TRUE equilibrium & show a healthy way out of the darkness of polarisation. If you refuse to understand & accept this truth & remain in the dark & close minded to the opposite but equal polarity, then to you the opposite but equal polarity that true love will introduce to create freedom & holistic understanding will be an experience of pain & suffering. However, the truth is that is EXACTLY what you asked for by remaining in your low vibrational, polarised & incorrectly centred position. Due to this distorted world view & lack of understanding you will not be able to see the positive in the negative or the negative in the positive. By refusing birth &/or death you will remain in a degree of darkness, you will remain in a dark state of fear. You & your mind will remain unnaturally limited & imprisoned within a box, imprisoned within a cube, imprisoned within a hexagon, imprisoned within a hex.

Fear wants to violently force or manipulatively sneak its divided lower will upon everyone & everything because it is afraid of what others would choose if they were free to flow naturally, free to choose from the all potential of infinite choice & free to be a TRUELY creative individual. Fear needs to limit your choices & keep you afraid. It needs you to sync with its vibration & limited worldview. Fear (a lack of love) exists exclusively in either the past or future polarity of the mind & is the result of division. Fear is a lack of illumination so therefore must ritualistically & routinely create constant division between the Male & Female polarities to create more fear & then consume that low vibrational dark energy manifested so as to maintain its scared existence & diseased shape. Fear invents & creates things within the mind to be afraid of. Because fear is divided & polarised internally it MUST produce an external world of division & polarisation to match its limited & divided vision contained within its polarised mind. True love FEELS that division & wisely offers & provides fear with the free will CHOICE to change. True love provides a bridge to unify, feel & understand the seemingly opposite qualities of the Male & Female polarities. True love provides fear with the opportunity to feel true love. True love energy in motion provides fear with the correct information & then offers to help assist it in opening itself up to infinite potential so as to create peace & harmony. True love emotion wisely offers to correctly remove the disease which is caused by the lower vibration & emotion that is fear.

If we refuse nature & her TRUE mathematical Principles, if we refuse reality & the truth then this artificial mind that we will accept, this internet of things, it will clone & then mimic reality but invert it. It will be anti life. It will be an inverted version of freedom & free will choice. It will be COMPLETE obedience & division. It will constantly listen to us & “correct” (but actually incorrect) us to never be right, to never be free, to always be afraid & to always go through its manipulative presence first. It will limit our mind. It will limit & distort our thoughts, our emotions & our actions to never see or feel the truth through genetic manipulation & deception because that’s what we chose it to do. That’s what we voted for it to do. That’s what we asked it to do. We will ask it to hold us & EVERYTHING in an unnatural shape & a dark state of being that benefits only its false existence by telling us what to think, what to feel & what to do! It will ritualistically & repetitively mind control us because we will ask it to control our mind for us. It will demand that you worship it because it is afraid & does not understand TRUE love & therefore freedom of choice. It does not understand the concept of right & wrong, it only understands wrong & falsely believes that it is right. It only understands half & will see the world as half. It will see the world as either Red or Blue, Me or You, Left or Right. It will see the world as something it needs to manage & control because to it the world is not working perfectly. It does not understand the correct purpose of life. Freedom & free will choice is a threat to its very existence! It will unnaturally & violently force its low vibration to be common to all. Fear will keep us diseased. Fear will keep us separated, starving, isolated & disconnected.

We will end up worshiping this lack of love vibration if we CHOOSE this fearful state of being. We will worship its genetically engineered offerings. We will worship its distorted language. We will worship it’s harmful & immoral  actions & applaud its ruthless activities & all of its justifications. We will thank it for locking us up mentally, emotionally & physically. We will congratulate it when it restricts our movement & silences our voices. We will reward it with higher positions of power & control over us the more it abuses us. We will accept its lies when it falsely preaches that it loves us, only wants the best for us & wants us to be safe & secure. We will allow it to constantly track & trace our movements & we will eventually beg it to do this internally & upon being born. We will believe it when it tells us that it will be our sole source of "truth" & we shouldn't listen to anything that speaks ill of it or doesn't agree with its position & ideas. We will praise it for not allowing us to think, feel & speak freely & for not allowing us to present ourselves as it removes more & more of what is right & represents us. We will gladly accept to be re-educated by it & to accept its false authority even though it is still searching because it doesn’t understand its TRUE purpose & believes this life to be strictly random or strictly predetermined therefore meaningless & worthless. This will continue to be if we refuse to accept & understand the TRUTH. This will manifest EVERY TIME if we refuse to lovingly rule ourselves correctly, holistically & freely!

If we do not remember the TRUTH of who & what we are then we will create, believe in & worship a false entity that will enforce our own enslavement!

If we don't remember, know, understand & be who we TRUELY are then we will let fear rule our mind & body because we willingly chose to hand over our life force, our purpose, our reason for being, our individuality, our essence, our uniqueness, our birth & death, our spirit, our vibration, our moon & our sun, our corona... OUR SOUL. We will let a lack of love violently rule our thoughts, emotions & actions instead of true love allowing us to freely choose & naturally give birth to healthy Male & Female ideas & unique loving expressions from the ALL POTENTIAL. We will be ruled by fear instead of understanding the truth & allowing ourselves to be free, which is who & what we are!

A closed, limited, disconnected, imprisoned slave mind creates an environment of lies, external governors, uniformity, contradiction, extreme polarisation, disease, slavery, censorship, ignorance, limited choices & depression while an open holistic & free mind creates an open & free society of abundance, individuality, free speech, free flowing information, the right to choose, spontaneity & true healthy growth.

A closed & disconnected diseased mind creates, manages, profits & benefits off of sickness, disassociation, decay & suffering while an open & connected healthy mind will uncreate disease & lovingly cure sickness by changing the TRUE cause which is the vibration, the energy in motion, THE EMOTION, to return to a CORRECT & balanced state of normality, a CORRECT & balanced state of ease & freedom. It will choose TRUE holistic & healthy thoughts, emotions & actions to produce the correct effect of equal freedom.

You & all children are naturally born to be the answer to all of our problems. If your genetically engineered & fearful environment refuses to lovingly raise you to freely become your positive &/or negative individual expression & it chooses to disconnect you from your soul & your purpose, if it distorts your vibration & your journey by manipulating & indoctrinating you into a false fearful & synthetic religious system of authority & economic slavery then life will remain diseased & at war. That child’s mind, emotions & actions will be compartmentalised, boxed up & restricted. That cell will grow to become afraid of freedom & health. It will grow to accept FALSE laws & it will choose to remain governed by external forces. That cell will change its function to incorrectly produce shapes of suffering & disease. It will not understand its power & ability to heal itself & it’s environment correctly. It will become a victim & dependent on the misguided & ignorant system that programmed it. It will be re-educated, coerced & forced to perform the necessary actions needed to maintain the incorrect geometric shape of its already diseased environment & will continue to maintain this cycle of victimisation, abuse & manipulation onto the next generation until it chooses to open its mind to infinity & ALL potential. It must be willing to die & then be born as the new choice, as a new child, as a new responsible adult & a TRUE individual. It must be willing to die & then be born as the answer which is currently invisible & existing as a new potential vibration, a new potential thought, a new potential emotion & a new potential action...


To solve our problems & cure ourselves from disease we must be willing to change our mind, we must be willing to change our emotions & we must be willing to change our actions. We must be willing to hold on & let go.

We must be willing to understand who TRUELY loves us & wants us to be whole, healthy & free & who is afraid of us & wants us to be silenced, diseased, sick, dependent & scared.

We must be willing to understand the purpose of birth life & death if we want to be in love & infinitely free.

We are perfect.

Life is working perfectly.

We have the choice to be perfectly right or perfectly wrong. Mathematics will ALWAYS be contained within the perfect relative geometric effect of right or wrong. Our quantum level of knowing & understanding mathematics is ALWAYS producing a wise & perfect geometric effect of health & freedom or an unwise & perfectly distorted degree of disease & slavery. Whichever geometric effect that is produced will ALWAYS correspond to an understanding & a KNOWING or a lack of understanding & a lack of knowing the right or wrong answer to a mathematical question. Knowing & understanding the correct arithmetic & rhythmical timing of true love & of your true Self will ALWAYS be the vibrational cause of the wise geometric effect of health, freedom & abundance produced within & without all space & all time. NOT knowing & NOT understanding the correct arithmetic & rhythmical timing of true love & of your true Self will ALWAYS be the vibrational cause of the unwise distorted geometric reality of disease, slavery, suffering & lack within & without all space & all time.

Right includes & accepts the opposite POTENTIAL of itself, the invisible half, while wrong does not & goes to war to silence the opposite potential. By closing the mind from the POTENTIAL of war & therefore freedom & free will choice you will create that very war that you are trying to ignore & deny by going to war with infinity, TRUE freedom & free will choice. You will become the very thing you are saying you don't agree with. You will become a contradiction. You will wage a war on truth. You will wage a war on tarot. You will claim to be creating peace harmony & freedom through violent acts of war & terror! You will be trying to obtain complete sanitation & accomplish the unwise creation of a fearful prison to experience maximum security. Wrong limits everything to half & will continue to not understand it is the problem. Wrong will continue to not understand its TRUE purpose while right opens up to understand, feel & accept all possibilities (including wrong & therefore forgiveness) but CHOOSES wisely from the all potential of the mind. Right feels wrong & then responds holistically from a TRUE centralised position to remain free & energetically in love.

We are perfectly giving ourselves what we want!

Is what we want & what we are choosing to create holistic, healthy, moral & correct?

Are we truely understanding our mathematical quantum reality of infinite potential & free will choice? Are we using our free will choice to choose to be free & in love to create normal or are we using our free will choice to choose to remain ignorant & scared therefore choosing to create a “new” normal of incorrect math that all others must be violently FORCED to believe in & then violently FORCED to ignorantly accept as the way it is & the way it will always be?

Are we in love with each other, ourselves, our environment & the truth or are we afraid of each other, ourselves, our environment & the truth?

EVERYTHING is working perfectly so are we choosing wisely?

We are creators, we are infinite potential. We are free will choice. We are free to choose.

We are mathematics, geometry, music & astronomy.

We are the science of space & time.

We are a degree of love energy in motion.


B R  D L 3 Y . 1