This world is all about will.

What are you willing to accept & willing to not accept.

Will you do something?

Will you not do something?

If yes, why?

If no, why?

What will you do?

What will you not do?

There is always a reason for a thought & its journey into creation, into being & it comes down to will.

There is always a reason for a thought & its journey out of creation, out of being & it comes down to will.

Will you be what you are told to be by others or are you willing to be courageous & go on an inward & outward journey of Self discovery. A quest to find the Individual & special reason for your being? To find the TRUE you? To find your original voice?

Will you discover your uniqueness, your purpose?

There is always a reason for birth, life & death.

There is always a reason for a feeling & feelings.

There is always a reason for disease.

There is always a reason for health.

There is always a reason for your now.

There is always a reason for input, processing & output. For thoughts, emotions & actions.

There is always a reason for being...

There is always a reason for arithmetic, for geometry, for music & for astronomy...

For the symbolism of Earth, Water, Air, & Fire...

For light & it’s journey with darkness...

For Space & for time...

For True Love.

Will you discover that reason?

Will you go into the unknown?

Will you accept the positive AND the negative potential in ALL things... or will you not?

Are others imposing & forcing their will upon you?

Will you stop accepting this or will you continue to accept this?

Are you imposing & forcing YOUR will upon others?

Will you stop doing that or will you continue to do that?

Will you create freedom or uncreate freedom? Will you create slavery or uncreate slavery? Will you create health or uncreate health? Will you create sickness or uncreate sickness? Will you create depression or uncreate depression? Will you create detrimental side effects or uncreate detrimental side effects? Will you create reality or uncreate reality?

Are others forcing their will upon you or are they asking & then allowing you to be free to choose? What are you accepting & agreeing to? What are you NOT accepting or agreeing to? Does it cause harm or not cause harm? What if the Person or group of people & their orders that you are obeying & following are wrong?

Who is responsible for YOUR thinking, YOUR choices & YOUR actions?

Is your will greater, lower or equal to the Will of creation?

What is the Will of creation?

Can your will be higher & more correct than the creators purpose & Will?

Is there a creator? Does it have a Will? Will you find out? Do you care?

Are you a creator?

Will you choose to understand the truth?

Are you aloud?

Does someone else own you?

Will you allow yourself to be owned?

Is someone else allowed to own you?

Do you own someone else?

Are you allowed to own someone else?

What is right & what is wrong?

Once you move away from the truth, from equilibrium, from the seven liberal arts, from TRUE Principles & morality, you will think you know better than what is! You will think YOU know better than the correct arithmetic (true mathematical principles) geometry, music & astronomy. You will think YOU know better than the correct answer & shape! You will think you know better than nature. You will think you know better than YOURSELF! You will falsely think you know better than your purpose of being & THE purpose of creation. You will think you know better than freedom & health! You will think you need to be in control of everything or you will think it is better to be controlled by someone that thinks & feels they need to be in control of everything.

This is an unknowing & you are still searching.

This is a limiting belief & an unbalanced position that will result in a distorted, diseased, uncomfortable & FALSE reality...EVERY TIME!

This is a psychological disorder & both of these extreme actions manifest from accepting & acting upon a false belief that is not real & will NEVER be real no matter how much YOU want it to be so. Believing YOU can turn a wrong mathematical principle into a right principle is INCORRECT & extremely unbalanced.

This is psychotic & psychopathic.

This is maniacal & egotistical.

This is narcissistic.

This is police, criminals, bullies & ALL authority.

This is justification.

This is wilful ignorance.

This is irresponsible.

This is violence.

This is murder.

This is theft.

This is tyranny.

This is divisive.

This is politics.

This is external government.

This is a FALSE system.

This is slavery & man’s laws.

This ONLY exists in your mind.

This is NOT reality.

This is FEAR.

This is an unknowing of purpose due to a lack of understanding & a lack of correct processing. This is a lack of connection. This is a lack of care, a lack of love. This is a lack of truth. This is a failure to recognise & accept what is!

This is a lack of understanding the common principles that are inherently contained within & without ALL things.

This is unwise.

This is a lack of personal responsibility.

This is the wilful cremation of care.

This is a lack of vision, a lack of sight & a lack of light.

This is the division & isolation of you & me, of the Male & Female, of opposites. This is Male OR Female instead of Male & Female.

This is left OR right instead of left & right.

This is the division & separation from reality & what is!

The Will of creation itself is balanced. It is ALL encompassing. It is whole & seperate. It is freedom of choice. It is true love thought energy in motion being birthed & expressed as a chosen potential of itself. It is a high degree of love. It is the COMPLETE visible light spectrum & ALL that is beyond... in all directions. It is truth. It consists of two balanced & SEEMINGLY opposite half’s of infinite potential. It is a black hole & the light going in & also emitting from it. It is connected at the centre & exterior of itself. It is itself made up of ourselves & ourselves made up of itself. Two opposites of Male & Female in love with themselves & each other! One half of you in love with the other half of you. The Will of creation is not afraid & not ignoring or denying the opposite half of itself, but instead embracing that other half in an eternal dance & lovingly exploring the beauty of its opposite expression with focused attention & purpose.

The Will of creation is ultimately a feeling.

It is a beautiful feeling of freedom.

It is a language, It is a painting, it is a song, it is a dance, it is a colourful story...



It is a complete & continuous breath.

It is thoughts, emotions & actions.

It is the Father, Mother & Son.

It is a healthy family & an innocent newborn child that has been born to express itself, to be free, to be heard, respected & loved for who it is, for who it is not, for who it was & for who it chooses to become.

It is a common unity.

It is an expression of true love energy in motion.

The moment of now, the centre, is a time & a space for each half to feel the other half & to heal the other half. To become whole. To speak & to listen. To ask & to receive. It is a time & a space for communication & to know. It is a time & a space for each other to introduce it’s qualities & it’s reason for being, it’s reason for existing. It is a time & a space for creation.

The moment of now is a time & a space to embrace & make true love, to become one. It is a time & a space to input, process & output, to create & birth an individual star... both inside & out. Within you & without you.

Something that is in love with itself, whole & balanced will understand itself. It will flow. It will feel. It will understand its purpose. It will understand that it is exactly where it needs to be because it is choosing & it has chosen. It will consciously & unconsciously think, feel & do. It will consist of both the TRUE balanced expressions of Male & Female to produce a TRUE healthy expression of itself. This expression will ultimately be a free individual Male or Female wanting & needing to embrace & entangle with another free Male or Female... which both contain & consist of a free individual Male & Female...which both contain & consist of a free individual Male & Female... forever.

Quantum & fractal.

Should you be what is intended of you in any & all given moments? Will you find out or will you not?

Should your white blood cells just decide they are not going to be what is intended of them? If so then what would happen to the body, the Universe, the reality that they are participating in & helping to create at a higher & lower level than them.

Imagine if your cells were connected to the same higher Will or lower will that you (a cell) are accepting or not accepting. The same TRUE intelligence or the same limiting artificial intelligence. The same frequency & vibration. The same consciousness or the same LACK of consciousness. The same truth or the same lack of truth, the same illusion.

Will you accept the truth or refuse the truth?

Will you accept the illusion or refuse the illusion?

Will you accept the truth & the illusion?

Will you accept right & wrong or is there NO time or space for wrong & therefore no time or space for forgiveness, growth & empathy in your universe? Is this not wrong?

Will you will freedom, the TRUE version of reality into existence or someone else’s false version, someone else’s idea & preference which will be a degree of slavery, a degree of external centralised government consisting of man’s false laws, brutal & unnatural force, lockdown, maximum security, suffering, depression, never ending disease, genetic engineering, hunger, starvation, separation, isolation, fragmentation, contradiction, murder, suicide, artificial intelligence, mind control, traumatic programming, secret manipulation, split personalities, false ownership, false claims, removal of free speech, removal of free thinking, lies, illusion, distortion, theft, war, coercion & violence?

Will you be willing to expand your imagination & push past your boundaries that you have created for yourself & the false ones that others have created, offered & then sneakily installed into your subconscious due to fear... due to ignorance, due to acquiescence, due to a lack of awareness, a lack of understanding & a lack of care?

Will you choose to understand the power of symbols & symbolism, the connected emotional language of the subconscious & the right hemisphere of the brain which the polarised left hemisphere & the disconnected superconscious find very hard to understand & therefore very easy to deny & ignore. Instead of exclusively closing down are you willing to incorporate the opposite & open up to create a time & a space to embrace & connect? Doing this will heal disease correctly by connecting new neural pathways that allow new high vibrational loving thoughts, emotions & TRUE answers to be birthed so they can flow freely which create an inward mental environment of correct holistic emotional processing & an outward environment of correct processed actions & manifestations. This leads to even greater levels of understanding. This is the ONLY path to peace, harmony & TRUE normality.

Will you understand that you are a symbol?

Will you understand that you are either a geometric shape of truely normal, holistic & correct mathematical principles of freedom & free will choice or you are wrong, in denial of the truth & disconnected from reality which will result in being an incorrect distorted mathematical shape of unknowing. A self determined "NEW" normal shape of disease, limitation, authority, governmental corporate healthcare & emotionless order following. A "NEW" normal of constant searching but never finding... until you are willing to bravely change & wisely CHOOSE to understand the opposite gender polarity which you have been unwisely denying.

Will you be able to change for what it is you think & say YOU want? Will you take the correct action?

Will you be able to change for what is right?

Will you birth the correct action?

Will you birth an incorrect distorted & false “NEW” normal of artificial genetic interference or come to know, understand & BE (become) the correct normal natural system of creation. The TRUELY normal system of freedom, the abundant normal & free system of choice, of TRUE LOVE energy in motion... of TRUE LOVE EMOTION.

Will you be brave & courageous or will you cower to tyranny & oppression?

Will you create a better reality for you, for us & for our children?

Will you be a slave, a slave owner, or a free being who is creating freedom & showing others what it is that you do that they do not?

Will you vote for others to re present you or will you vote for & present yourself?

Will you show up to a conversation about freedom & health to talk peacefully & to listen or will you send armed & violent representation while you hide, direct orders, refuse to listen to others feelings & refuse to accept the possibility that you may be wrong? Will you accept the possibility that you might not have the right to do what you are doing? Will you accept the possibility that YOU may be the problem to peace & freedom?

Will you accept the possibility that YOU might be the problem to disease, tyranny & slavery?

Will you accept the possibility that YOU might be the problem & the solution?

Believing you have more or less rights than others is wrong.

Are you willing to die & be born (change) for what is right?

Will you freely choose to change your shape, your geometry & it’s movement through time & space, or will you decide to let someone else choose that for you?

Will you FEEL the music & dance in rhythm?

Are you willing to forgive yourself & others?

Will you be open & closed to the ALL potential?

Will you be hot & cold to create the perfect temperature?

Will you hold on & let go?

Will you stop ignoring that which you do not care for & disagree with?

Will you agree to be forced into isolation by heartless predators & quarantined even when not sick? Will you agree even if doing that will then make you sick by producing an ignorant & toxic environment of stress, lack, starvation, poverty, suicide, war, slavery, psychological trauma, emotional trauma, physical trauma, Self harm, suffering, limitation, total control, total domination & decay?

Will you obey someone who dictates the mandatory causation of harm or will you not obey?

Will you understand that obeying orders is NOT a virtue & is in fact the very reason for tyranny, for slavery stress & disease? Following orders is the antithesis of life. It is unbalanced & weak in illumination. It is NOT elite.

Will you accept TRUE intelligence or artificial intelligence as your form of processing? TRUE intelligence is thinking for yourself, feeling for yourself & doing (presenting) yourself. It is your personal responsibility. It is thinking of others, feeling THEIR feelings & therefore being the perspective of others. TRUE intelligence is not just thinking what CAN be done but also consists of & includes an emotional feeling to understand what SHOULD be done. Artificial intelligence does NOT include any feeling or empathy in its reasoning & is therefore psychopathic by default. It executes programs through commands & directives. It just does its job.

Will you see the beauty & the ugliness in these shapes, this geometry, this grammar, these words, this action that has danced into your space at this time.

Will you be silenced or will you speak to be heard & to be felt?

Will you listen to others & how they are feeling or is it ONLY about how YOU feel?

Will you pay attention?

Will you ever realise that it was YOU who wrote this for yourself?

Will you realise that you are already free & you are already choosing?

Just a couple of things to think about & then consciously & responsibly process into feelings & actions... or not.

It’s your choice.

So, will you or will you not?

B R A ∞ L E Y . 1