Hi to all who read this & thank you for doing so.

My name is Bradley McCarthy. I was born on June 14th, 1982 in Thames, a town located towards the top of New Zealand's North Island. Thames came into existence when gold was discovered at that location in 1867 which led to mining & forestry industries quickly emerging.

My sister & I were raised in a very loving environment by both of our Parents who to this day still remain together & in love. This family environment produced an unconditional love for one another that i am forever grateful to have been shown, to have experienced & to know. However upon a lifetime of external & eventually INTERNAL research & analysis, I have discovered throughout society that this unconditional love seems to only be reserved & applied to family members & people so close you would deem as family members. Very rarely is this type of love shown to strangers, foreigners or animals let alone a so called enemy!

I am someone that has been given such labels as conspiracy theorist, crazy, intense, too deep, paranoid, stupid & unrealistic. I have never been too phased by this type of branding but it does leave me frustrated & bewildered because I can clearly see the horrific amount of suffering, injustice, hypocrisy, destruction, imbalance, control, lies, authority & greed taking place within our world & I know of NO ONE who can disagree with this. I also noticed these qualities within myself.

I could not understand why others are not interested & continue to ignore someone who is searching to make sense of this mess when they themselves KNOW that all is not right. Through a determination to know the truth & a dream to rid this world of it's glaring problems, I was finally enlightened to the answer & ALL was suddenly made clear...

It is because there is a lack of love!


My care to know what is really going on has taken me on a journey of wrong paths, right paths, wrong information, right information, many opinions & eventually led me 360 degrees to THE TRUTH... which is ironically to be care!


There is ONLY love & EVERYTHING derives from love or a lack of love (which we call fear). Fear is actually an illusion as it is really the absence of love.

When you observe your own & others actions, you can quickly determine whether an individual person or group is operating from love or fear. Love produces POSITIVE results such as tolerance, cooperation, growth, wholeness, balance, life & FREEDOM. Fear produces NEGATIVE results such as domination, obedience, separation, ignorance, disease, war, violence & SLAVERY. Fear is a lack of love!

Is it not strange to you that we have products & services in this world that we KNOW are not good for us & poisonous? We supposedly have the choice to partake in these products or not but ask yourself...


Why not have the choice of only POSITIVE options... FOR FREE!

Who would KNOWINGLY create & distribute (through carefully constructed marketing & manipulation techniques) such products for you to consume? Who would work for them & help them do this? Does that sound like somebody who loves you? Who would KNOWINGLY participate in consuming these products & not challenge them by creating the POSITIVE versions? Do they sound like somebody who loves themself? What are people & your so called idols SELLING you? What messages are in their creations? Do you hold them accountable? Do you take personal responsibility for helping them to continue to spread their message & remain dominant? Why do these same idols take as much as they can & have a considerably more comfortable & luxurious lifestyle than the majority? Why are we not all equal? Why are some things FORCED upon us where we have zero choice to make the correct moral decision?

Why do a lot of products have Saturn related imagery & symbolism attached to them? Have you noticed?

In 2017 I awoke one morning at 3am with a clear & direct thought...

"Do not be the world's most successful company, be the world's MOST IMPORTANT company!"


My Brother Sister does not & will not lie or manipulate to sell you anything. In fact we want to teach you how you are already being manipulated & mind controlled to think, feel & take pre determined actions within society. We want you to think for yourself & CHOOSE to participate in building a FREE future along side us. We want to create the alternative to this psychopathic reality by serving THE TRUTH!

Sharing the knowledge of how we are SUPPOSED to operate as balanced, loving individuals within this universal, infinite system of Natural Law Principles is the RIGHT thing to do & the ONLY way to fix the mess we are creating! We want to eventually have no such thing as slavery in this world which is THE NATURAL WAY TO BE!

You either understand & agree with freedom which has NO external rulers, or you agree with slavery which consists of dominators & order followers. Which one is it?

Natural Law Principles WILL give you what you are WILLING into manifestation through your actions that you are WILLING to take.


The ONLY reason we are participating with the control system of money is that not enough people are operating from love & they do not understand that money is an illusion. We think the best way to eventually get rid of it is to redirect it into the My Brother Sister community to continue to speak & teach the truth. While we are still operating with money, the right thing to do is to use it & recycle it to build what we KNOW is a moral society... TOGETHER. We will share the money so you can build your OWN seperate creations, all the while exposing it for the controlling scam that it is. We DO NOT want to be your boss, leader or dominator but we DO want to be your friend & an influence for a loving, positive change. We take personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions & ACTIONS. We do not need nor want billions upon billions of FAKE dollars in annual profits. We will use it & give it back to the community so we can ALL build positive manifestations for us & the future us. Together we will demand to know what immoral actions are being taken with our extorted tax dollars so we can CHOOSE & exercise our RIGHT to not comply... in mass numbers! OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD! We will MORALLY help those who need to be helped & confront those who are not willing to let us be free by trying to steal our RIGHTS!

Right is right & wrong is wrong! That is why we use the term right as correct & wrong as NOT correct. A right can NEVER be stolen as it is an action existing already within Nature & the universe. It is right that one plus one equals two & this right can NEVER be stolen. It is wrong that one plus one equals four & can NEVER be made into a right no matter how bad someone wants it to be so! By being WRONG & trying to build something using the formula of one plus one equals four, you will get NEGATIVE results & not what you where intending nor wanting. You are either partaking in a right action that is in harmony with Natural Law Principles & therefore not infringing on others rights, or a wrong action that is NOT in harmony with Natural Law Principles, is infringing on others rights & therefore not correct. Man can NOT make up what is right or wrong based upon his or her preferences. Because we have the ability to understand what is objectively right or wrong, based on morality, Physical Law Principles & Natural Law Principles, we are held to a higher standard.

NOBODY has the right to enslave me & I do not have the right to enslave you!

NOBODY actually has more or less rights than somebody else! We ALL have equal rights under Natural Law to express our individuality & live in peace & harmony! This can NEVER be made untrue but it seems the majority are ignorant to this FACT!

Knowledge is important!

Secrets & lies are DESTROYING us!

Secrets & lies derive from FEAR.

When you understand who you TRUELY are & how you operate along with this Universe through Natural Law Principles, you will realise your purpose & true potential. My whole life I have had a distaste for authority yet was all to happy to be the authority of someone else when I saw fit...


It is time to be right!

Why do we have all these systems of control that are clearly not working, have not worked before & will never work?

It is time to tell the truth!

Who is raising you? Who is raising your consciousness? Who is using you by keeping you in fear & not loving you?

I love to write so my blog posts will be where I can express myself & give updates on what we are doing & creating. Along with our website, these posts will also be where we share occulted (hidden) truth & knowledge that I & others have obtained. The truth of how we operate, the Natural Laws that exist & how these interact together is NO ONES to hold in secret.

Today, right now... STOP TELLING LIES! The more you come into line with the truth, the more peace & harmony you will experience.

Thank you for paying attention & checking out our website so you can further understand how to free yourself by obtaining more hidden truth. We must ALL take personal responsibility to learn the truth, BE the truth & share the truth.

The truth is love.

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Develop the courage to be the change you want to see in the world & take action!

Love to you all,
The truth will set us free,
Bradley McCarthy
My Brother Sister Ltd

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