Freedom is an inherent right. Freedom is life. Freedom is correct. Freedom is the free flow of information & the right to choose. Freedom is the natural state of being. Freedom is the natural pressure resulting from the understanding, unification & equal balance of the Male & Female. Freedom is holistic. Freedom is light & dark. Freedom is the journey & the destination. Freedom is limited & unlimited. Freedom is right & wrong, in & out, high & low. Freedom is at the centre & exterior. Freedom is abundance. Freedom is anarchy. Freedom is no external masters & no slaves. Freedom is self control. Freedom is peace with the potential for war. Freedom is within & without. Freedom is the understanding of birth, life & death. Freedom is reality. Freedom is the eradication of money. Freedom SHOULD be defended at ALL times. Freedom is TRUE courage. Freedom is ALL of our personal responsibility. Freedom is undivided attention. Freedom is imagination. Freedom is a high consciousness. Freedom is a vibration. Freedom is the science of space & time. Freedom is NOT democracy. Freedom is NO external government. Freedom is not just left OR right. Freedom is left & right. Freedom is NOT afraid. Freedom is NOT a contradiction. Freedom is NOT an illusion. Freedom is NOT maximum security. Freedom is NOT constant surveillance. Freedom can NOT be forced upon you because freedom is a choice. Freedom is NOT a secret to be hidden. Freedom is true communication. Freedom is a symbol. Freedom is an expression. Freedom is a state of being. Freedom is a geometric shape. Freedom is knowledge, understanding & wisdom. Freedom is the golden ratio. Freedom is beauty. Freedom is a feeling, an emotion. Freedom is the real you. Freedom is true love.


EVERYTHING is an expression of its fundamental truth & the truth is there is only the force of TRUE love energy in motion or a lack of true love energy in motion which we call fear. This degree of love energy in motion is controlled by the mind & forming what we call reality through the Natural Law Principles of creation. This love energy is light. This love energy is you.

EVERYTHING is a degree of love emotion.

A lack of true love energy in motion is a lack of illumination. It is a lack of holistic light & a lack of knowing our past & who we TRUELY are. It is a lack of ease. It is a lack of understanding our TRUE common & universal communication system of feelings. It is the result of a disconnection & an ignorant removal of the opposite polarity, the opposite half of oneself.


True love is the natural singularity.

True love is the TRUE central zero point of connection between infinite Male & infinite Female.

True love is BOTH the Male & the Female.

True love is the truth.

Know Thyself.

By BEING true love energy in motion, which is your TRUE SELF, you will be doing what is intended of you. You will be balanced & holistic. You will be 360 degrees. You will be CORRECTLY participating in the creation of life, free to use your imagination, free to speak your mind, free to defend yourself & others, free to NOT be ruled by fear, free to challenge authority & the mainstream version of things, free to investigate & know the truth, free to create new healthy ideas, free to look like a fool, free to say yes &/or no, free to be an equal & free to flow naturally with ease. You will be creating freedom, abundance, health, morality, peace, art, unity, individuality & you will be on purpose! You will be self centred. You will be shining your light wherever & whenever it is needed. You will be guided & guiding others to evolve into the true expression of holistic life through TRUE individuality & TRUE unification. You will NOT be a numbered product with a value less than infinite FORCED to operate within an emotionless & ignorant system of fear & external control.

TRUE equality is all of us knowing, understanding & BEING the equal rights that are inherent & contained within Nature. Right & wrong already exists within creation, within life itself. We do NOT have the power to invent new laws or new mathematics & to decide what is or what is going to be right or wrong within Nature without suffering & self limiting consequences. What we have been given is the free will choice to choose whether to BE right or wrong. To understand or to not understand. To know the truth or to not know the truth. By being a lack of the truth, of true love, of Natural Law Principles, of ourselves & what is, we are filtering out the light & creating a FALSE reality of suffering, disease, separation, deception, manipulation, ignorance, greed, domination, slavery & limitation. We are creating an unknowing. We are symbolically moving backwards, inverting & uncreating life. We are destroying life by not knowing who we TRUELY are, by not knowing & understanding that we ARE life & life has fundamental principles that contain a TRUE centre & a natural rhythm that we must be in sync with to make it exist correctly. We are both birth & death. We are Male & Female.

Know Thyself.

You can NOT create freedom by taking away freedom. We can not be right by being CONSTANTLY wrong, by being half, by being divided, by being less than whole. True love is free to choose wrong, limit life & the correct understanding of who it is. This produces an experience of suffering lessons & a distorted reality of constant division, limitation, ignorance, searching, domination, slavery, disease & manipulation. This lack of understanding also creates a lack of emotion, less freedom & darknes. At ANY time, true love is also free to die/change direction, choose the opposite & see the positive &/or negative polarity to be right, to re-right itself, to FULLY understand it's purpose, become both holistic & seperate, defend the truth & choose to create a reality of beauty, growth, community, abundance, health, courage & freedom. This is a high vibrational balance, slightly alkaline. Fifty one percent. Positive growth.

This is holistic.

We are freed from our chains when we understand true love as true love creates freedom, it does NOT take away freedom. It thinks & chooses for itself. You either agree with the unnaturally balanced, divided, false notion of slavery, or understand the correct naturally balanced expression of life which is freedom, which is true love, which is the true you.

My Brother Sister is dedicated to serving the truth & creating freedom. Our vision is to help set free ALL trapped energy that is wanting to be freed & let it flow on purpose as an individual expression of abundance, of TRUE love, of life. We will ALWAYS be trapped until we become responsible for ourselves, know who we TRUELY are, stop being afraid & therefore stop being a physical expression of fear. We need to open up our minds to ALL potential possibilities & stop being limited! It is a choice. It is an individual choice & a quantum choice. EVERYTHING is a degree of love energy in motion & we are either choosing to be TRUE love energy in motion or a lack of true love (fear) energy in motion. We are either being the light or a lack of the light. We are either being unlimited potential or limited potential. We are either being unlimited imagination or a lack of imagination. We are either being freedom or a lack of freedom. We are either being beauty or a lack of beauty. We are either being health or a lack of health. We are either being right or a lack of right. We are either being the truth or a lack of the truth. We are either being life or a lack of life.

We are either being the NATURAL singularity of truth, which is true love, which is the complete & holistic light spectrum, or we are being a divided, dualistic, false, ignorant, scared, isolated, evil, filtered, incorrect expression of life that is participating in the creation of an artificial, digital singularity that will NOT contain a free soul & therefore will NOT contain the life force emotion of true love, of holistic light, of Nature, of us!

Know Thyself.

Understand Thyself.


My Brother Sister is creating freedom by BEING freedom. We are The Universe aware of itself, aware that we ARE true love energy in motion. We are alive. We are life. We are benign. We are self sovereign beings that own our own souls & no one else’s. We are 100% responsible for our own thoughts, emotions & actions, just like you. We are the creation of true love & therefore true love is our TRUE authority, an authority which ALWAYS lets us be free to choose our vibration & therefore our expressions, our effects, our consequences, our environment. True love lets us choose our past experiences & our future manifestations from the creative central position of our now. True love is the complete three hundred & sixty degree holistic understanding of oneself, of all selves, through the journey of experiencing right & wrong, through the journey of birth & death, through the journey of existence & non existence, through our thoughts, emotions & actions. It is the RIGHT to choose, the RIGHT to be free. It is the defence & attack against tyranny, oppression, mind control & ALL other forms of slavery which are ALL built upon order following & therefore the lack of or complete removal of choice, of responsibility, of morality, of empathy, of love, of understanding, of imagination, of health, of purpose, of right &/or wrong, of the Male &/or Female, of thoughts, of emotions, of actions, of freedom, of yourself, of the truth.

With each purchase &/or donation you choose to make, we will morally set free as much of the trapped energy contained within the currency & this world as we can. We will "purchase" land to set it free for ALL of us to share & repair our disconnected relationship with the environment by NOT claiming to rule over it, but to help it flourish instead because We ARE our environment. We will continue to support & work with knowledgable people who TRUELY love & understand Nature & her principles to wisely create an abundance of beautiful organic edible gardens that will supply EVERYONE with FREE natural food. NO ONE will miss out or go hungry unless they CHOOSE to go without. These FREE gardens will supply our FREE & wisely designed restaurants that will provide an experience of luxury for EVERYONE if so desired.

We want to create freedom with you.

We want to work with philosophers, builders, plumbers, engineers etc, to create stunning residential buildings, community centres & all types of FREE living quarters. ALL architecture will be built upon the foundation of truth & will be the creator's dream manifested. From the visionaries through to the builders, all of our ideas matter & all of our morally correct dreams can be explored together. Sacred mathematical principles & numbers will express themselves in the architecture as sacred geometric patterns to contain a visual purpose of beauty, knowledge & wisdom. Buildings will be created to produce more power than they use & our environment will be designed to sustain & grow life.

Our vision includes beautiful philosophical places of enlightenment that will be adorned with inspirational paintings, sculptures & artwork designed by those with the courage, passion & talent to express the truth through themselves. These structures will be a place to gather & wisely communicate. They will be a place to heal, share ideas & continue to grow in knowledge, understanding & wisdom. A place to grow TRUE equality & equilibrium. A place to expand our imagination & nurture our children's minds. A place to star gaze & TRUELY understand our Universe. A place to learn HOW to think & not what to think. Life is our TRUE school & we are ALREADY born into a free world of Self discovery! We do not need to create a new system of learning when we can just live free & follow our OWN dreams from birth, flowing in & out of ideas & relationships by following the heart. Imagine living in an illuminated environment of people that guide our natural instincts, listen to our natural curiosity, come together & freely supply the tools needed to reach those dreams because they will benefit ALL. With help & care, a child who loves cars would be able to break them apart, understand the principles contained within & be able to put them back together by an early age. They would also then have ideas on possible improvements to the way we are currently imagining & currently creating transport.

Imagine living in an environment that was flourishing with natural growth & people are giving & receiving wisdom for free. Imagine walking out of your home on the way to your chosen interest & seeing sports courts & fields full of talent. Martial artists are practising & teaching the principles & philosophies of their craft to the community up on the hill. Gardeners are attending to magnificent lushes crops while sharing their knowledge to the young & old. You slow down to pick some blueberries & an apple while listening to mathematicians showcasing their love of numbers & patterns. They are explaining toroidal vortex principles to electricians, engineers (& anyone who is interested) who are developing new ways to provide self sustainable energy, while across the lake painters are forming shapes of beauty & wonder, pushing the boundaries of the mind. Musicians are playing & inspiring others to understand rhythm & time which quickly reminds you to speed up your movement & flow on.

Imagine a better way.

Imagine working together towards creating & redesigning products that will benefit & enhance our health & our understanding of truth, while removing all toxins & poisonous products that do not have our best interest at heart, that do not want us to be free & therefore do not make great sense. We create abundance by being personally responsible, by removing the limitations of fear based expressions & by applying TRUE love energy. We create freedom & abundance by connecting the Female & the Male polarities thus raising our vibration & raising our understanding of Self. We will be able to develop self sustainable energy when people are not afraid, when they are in love, internally non divided & therefore free. The freedom of energy depends upon us. We ARE the energy. The power of freedom is within ALL of us! It always has been & it is a choice. We must choose to be free as freedom is a state of mind. We either choose to connect to the correct frequency, the correct signal of all potential to know, understand & cooperate with the Natural system that is already in operation & working PERFECTLY to create freedom or refuse to know what is true & create a false inferior system of disease, decay & suffering ruled by man’s limited & fearful idea of slavery. We either live & die free or choose to NOT live at all & only die a slave to a fear based false belief system that does NOT truely love us.

Free your mind.

Freedom must FIRST become a thought. It must first become a possibility within the mind, within the imagination. Freedom must first become an intention. That vibration, that thought energy in motion (emotion) is created & experienced internally as a feeling. It will then require courage, will power & an undivided attention to birth that truely loving thought, that truely loving emotion of freedom & abundance into an action, into a TRUE reality, into a feeling that can be sensed & experienced by others. True love is common sense.

EVERYTHING is a degree of love energy in motion.

We will become a self sufficient natural eco system of abundance, FREE thinking, FREE living, health & responsible creativity through our individual talents, passions & TRUE expressions of love when we decide to BE true love! True love is the ONLY true authority & it lets us choose! All other claims of authority are fear based & FALSE. These false claims of authority have limited imagination. They ritualistically, routinely & repetitively limit life. Through violence & coercion they forcefully & wilfully stop us from being who we TRUELY are. They stop us from being right. They stop us from being life! They stop us from being holistic. They stop us from doing the opposite if that is what is needed. They stop us from achieving abundance & freedom by legislating it to NEVER happen. They limit true communication! They limit knowledge (information), correct processing & logical reasoning. They limit your actions! They limit TRUE evolution. They follow orders & demand you do the same. They stop us from choosing. This is evil & NOT correct. This is a lack of understanding. This is wrong.

We must be free to have the potential to experience right & wrong because stopping someone else (or yourself) from being free is wrong & therefore ignores what is right. If we are not free then we have polarised ourselves to be only wrong. We are a limited version of our TRUE SELF. We are weakened & non illuminated. This is the result of being afraid of the unknown! This is the result of a predetermined unbalanced & polarised negative OR positive thought that scares you. This is the result of fear. Right includes & accepts the concept of choosing wrong but wrong does NOT include or accept the concept of choosing right. One polarity by itself is always exclusive to a fault & the other polarity by itself is always inclusive to a fault, two opposites creating a whole. Male & Female, Positive & Negative. A whole can always CHOOSE to exclude or include to create a perfect balance of peace through multiple perspectives, but something that is ignorant & identifies as ONLY a half (a lack of the whole) can never choose to include or accept the other half of itself that it does not understand, that which it is ignoring & therefore the thing it can NOT imagine! It will ALWAYS be limited & in the dark until it understands itself HOLISTICALLY. Always & never (Male & Female) must understand each other & exist equally. We need BOTH!

My Brother Sister does NOT want to be the boss, leader or owner of anyone. We wish to righteously defend ourselves from being distorted & manipulated into a false ideology. We wish to be an influence & an equal partner in the creation of life. We want to work along side of you & help in any way that we can to express & enjoy YOUR true purpose of being. We are all here for a purpose & there will never be another you! You are the answer to all of our problems who was birthed to realise your purpose & your true potential without being manipulated & distorted. You are a perfect creation with a unique perspective & a reason for being.

EVERYTHING has a purpose.

We do NOT want an economic profit for any other reason than to set free the energy that is trapped & contained within the creation we call money. Money, fiat currency, is a psychopathic limiting control mechanism designed to trap energy, designed to trap you! It is designed to capture & limit the imagination therefore limiting the output & the literal manifestation of freedom. We NEED to eradicate the false belief of money & the distorted action of putting an economic value on everything if we wish to be free as a species, on purpose, in love, holistic, healthy & TRUE!

Life is priceless! It’s TRUE value is infinite.

YOU have infinite value & worth when you step into your TRUE power by knowing, understanding & BEING who you TRUELY are! You are free! You are true love. You are the true centre & infinite values extending in all equal directions of positive & negative. You are a shining star. You are unlimited imagination. You are everything that has been, is being & will ever be... which also includes the free will choice of being fake, not real, an illusion, an unknowing, a distortion, a limited, suffering, unhealthy version of your true Self. A movement away from the true zero point. An incorrect mathematical answer to a correct mathematical equation of your TRUE sacred Self. If you are being true love, you will NOT let anyone convince you otherwise. They will be wanting to enslave you by looking to steal your power, which you do not have the right to give away. To be right, It MUST be defended at ALL times. Know, understand & become TRUE love energy in motion to govern & present yourself. Stop letting others represent you & speak the truth. Speak freedom & heal yourself.

One cell that is healthy, balanced & TRUE can influence ALL other cells it comes into contact with in the quantum field to become healthy. This is how we TRUELY heal & eradicate the effects of disease. WE are the cure &/or the sickness.


Unless we CHOOSE to stop what we are doing, govern our own mental, become personally responsible for our OWN thoughts, emotions & actions, start listening to our emotions, our environment & all of the true love manifestations that we perceive as threats to our currently disconnected, unloving, government controlled, irresponsible, man made economic system of false beliefs, then the next logical (or illogical) situation we will move into will be a digital cashless society of strict digital control. This digital society will contain ENORMOUS unnatural limitation, biometric scanning, genetic manipulation, forced isolation, constant surveillance, uniformity, mandatory & corrupted health care (which would not benefit from the TRUE cure but would instead profit from the sickness & the symptoms) & artificially created thoughts, emotions & actions. It would be an upside down world strictly dominated by the opposite of true love. It would be a world exclusively dominated by fear which will continuously hold its distorted geometric shape through artificial intelligence. Unless we can imagine freedom & are then willing to listen to our emotions & take the required ACTIONS necessary to create that state of being then it will not become a reality, it will not manifest. It will be continual suffering for us, our children & all future generations!

Would you sell your freedom for one cent? Even if you are offered & are accepting the belief, the idea, the illusion of one million dollars per hour in exchange for your energy, you are still hugely undervalued, far from infinite & you will be trapped & limited. The TRUE you is zero dollars!

The TRUE you is free.

We will continue to use money &/or digital currency until more people come out of the mind control system of man's false, distorted, limiting, fear based laws & into the knowing & understanding of the TRUE, free flowing Natural Law Principles of Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause & Effect, Gender & True Care. Nature's Principles are the principles of creation that are ALWAYS in effect, working EVERYWHERE & at ALL times whether you belief in them or not. Nature's Principles are what created us & what we are using to create with. We ARE Nature's principles & Nature’s Principles create life while man’s false, principles distort, destroy & limit life. This is a quantum reality & it is because we as a quantum are CHOOSING to be afraid that we as a quantum are currently CHOOSING to enslave people, enslave animals, steal, cheat, lie, murder, remove trees, pollute the air, the water & the realm of Earth all to obtain money, power, ownership & dominance over another perspective & aspect of ourselves. We are doing this all because we do NOT understand truth from illusion & the fact that MONEY IS NOT REAL. This is illogical & NOT wise. The quantum currently does not understand what is true, right, moral & correct! We do NOT need the false BELIEFS of money & authority to survive! we need what we are currently destroying, ignoring, dominating, manipulating & enslaving BECAUSE of these false beliefs to survive! WE NEED THE TRUTH TO SURVIVE!


We need to be free to survive & freedom has TRUE principles.


We are the fractal Universe. We are life. We are Nature. We are purposeful. We are an experience. We are the past, the present & the future. We are a symbol. We are emotion. We are artists. We are art. We are both Male & Female. We are both Positive & Negative. We are a wise choice between unlimited & limited potential. We are infinite value. We are abundance. We are freedom. We are a holistic system. We are ALL connected. We are each other & ourselves. We are the truth. We are the light born out of the darkness.


Know Thyself.

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