Freedom is an inherent right. Freedom is life. Freedom is correct. Freedom is the free flow of information & the right to choose. Freedom is the natural state of being. Freedom is the natural pressure resulting from the understanding, unification & equal balance of the Male & Female. Freedom is holistic. Freedom is light & dark. Freedom is the journey & the destination. Freedom is limited & unlimited. Freedom is right & wrong, in & out, high & low. Freedom is at the centre & exterior of all that is correct right & true. Freedom is abundance. Freedom is anarchy. Freedom is no external masters & no slaves. Freedom is self control. Freedom is peace with the potential for war. Freedom is within & without. Freedom is the understanding of birth, life & death. Freedom is reality. Freedom is actually the eradication & death of money but also the complete free will choice to create, believe in & worship this & ALL other Self limiting ideas that keep us disconnected from Nature's truely wise & abundant system. Freedom is TRUE courage. Freedom is ALL of our personal responsibility. Freedom is undivided attention. Freedom is imagination. Freedom is a high & low consciousness. Freedom is a vibration. Freedom is the science of space & time. Freedom is NOT democracy. Freedom is NO external government. Freedom is not just left OR right. Freedom is both left & right. Freedom is NOT a contradiction. Freedom is NOT an illusion. Freedom is NOT constant surveillance unless you agree. Freedom can NOT be forced upon you because freedom is a choice. Freedom is NOT a secret to be hidden. Freedom is true communication. Freedom is a symbol. Freedom is an expression. Freedom is a state of being. Freedom is a geometric shape. Freedom is knowledge, understanding & wisdom. Freedom is the golden ratio. Freedom is beauty. Freedom is a feeling, an emotion. Freedom is a choice. Freedom is the real you. Freedom is true love.


EVERYTHING is an expression of its fundamental truth & the truth is there is only the force of TRUE love energy in motion or a lack of true love energy in motion which we call fear. This degree of love energy in motion is controlled by the mind & forming what we call reality through the Natural Law Principles of creation. This love energy is light. This love energy is you.

EVERYTHING is a degree of love emotion.

A lack of true love energy in motion is a lack of Self respect & a lack of illumination. It is a lack of holistic light & a lack of knowing our past & who we TRUELY are. It is a lack of understanding our TRUE common & universal communication system of feelings & their geometric symbols, their expressions. It is a lack of ease & therefore an increase of disease. It is the result of a disconnection & an ignorant removal of the opposite polarity, the opposite half of oneself. It is the ignorance of that which equally connects & separates the Male & the Female. The TRUE expression of freedom health & abundance is removed once the truth is ignored & distorted by the frequency of fear.


True love is the natural singularity.

True love is BOTH the Male & the Female.

True love is the truth because true love is a choice.

Know Thyself.

My Brother Sister is dedicated to serving the truth & exposing freedom. We offer an alternative perspective to strict polarisation & a cutthroat fear based system of war, debt, censorship, survival & lack. Our vision & focus shines a light on alternative thoughts, emotions & actions. We present & offer information, emotions & actions that contain the potential to expand minds & help set free ALL trapped energy that is wanting to be freed, experienced & heard so it can flow on purpose as a TRUE individual expression of healthy creative infinite energy (both positive & negative, both Male & Female.) We want to help birth wonderful expressions of art, healthy curiosity, playfulness, abundance, passion, free speech, TRUE love & life.

We will ALWAYS be trapped until we free our minds, become responsible for ourselves, know who we TRUELY are, stop being afraid & therefore stop being a physical expression of fear. We need to open up our minds to ALL potential possibilities & stop being limited if we are to heal correctly & TRUELY uncreate all of our problems! It is a choice. It is an individual choice & a quantum choice. It is a brave choice. EVERYTHING is a degree of love energy in motion & we are either choosing to be TRUE love energy in motion or a lack of true love (fear) energy in motion. We are either being the light or a lack of the light. We are either being unlimited potential or limited potential. We are either being unlimited imagination or a lack of imagination. We are either being freedom or a lack of freedom. We are either being beauty or a lack of beauty. We are either being health or a lack of health. We are either being morality or a lack of morality. We are either being right or a lack of right. We are either being the truth or a lack of the truth.

You are absolutely free to connect with & join us on a wise & courageous adventure of collaboration, cooperation, forgiveness, healing, unveiling, Self discovery & the remembering of our TRUE purpose...

Or not...
It's your choice.

Either way, we love you & we are soooooo excited to not just show you who we are & what we know but also to hear your voice & to experience you & your creations.