From the Latin noun Princeps;
Which means...

  • First
  • Foremost
  • Leading
  • Chief
  • Most Necessary
  • Most Important
  • Prince
  • Sovereign

Before you have taken ANY action in this world, have you consulted your thoughts & emotions to determine whether RIGHT or WRONG principles have come first? They are by definition THE MOST IMPORTANT!

What do you care about?

Have you discovered & do you KNOW Nature's Principles or what is also known as Natural Law Principles? These are the Principles on which EVERYTHING operates. Nature Herself deems them to be MOST NECESSARY!

Nature's Principles are WHAT & then WHY & HOW things happen the way they happen. They are the Laws of creation that are contained inside & outside of EVERYTHING! Our purpose is to be in alignment with the Principles of Nature & by doing so we serve the truth. We are bound by Nature's Principles. They do NOT require your belief in them or knowledge of their existence to function. They are in operation everywhere & at all times. They are there & can/should be understood & worked with because they are giving us what we are asking for based upon our internal feelings & our external behaviour. Ignoring them shows a lack of care so if you are ignorant of them then fear is now in control & hiding them from you in plain sight!

Everything correct, right & true is a result of aligning yourself with Nature’s Priciples. Freedom, peace, harmony, health, abundant growth & true evolution are a NATURAL result of doing what is CORRECT, RIGHT & TRUE! Nature’s Principles are not there for the purpose of suffering unless we are ignoring them & CHOOSING to be wrong! Nature’s TRUE Laws are the blueprints for the creation of life. If we do not follow these Natural Laws then our purpose will be wrong, not correct & the results will be distorted & disastrous with continuous suffering until ultimately ending in extinction, self destruction.

Everything is the result of Natural Law Principles working perfectly. Nothing exists because everything exists & everything exists because nothing exists. They are the TRUE Laws of life, of true love. Ignore Natural Law Principles & you get an illusion. Ignore what is right & you get wrong. The only way to fix wrong is to BE right. You can not get right by constantly managing, manipulating & building off of the wrong result, you will only introduce & manifest more problems. You must understand the root cause, the WHY you are getting the wrong result & change the foundation of the frame, the foundation of the behaviour, the foundation of the actions, to align with truth.

Know Thyself.

Understand Thyself.


Natural Law contains internal unseen principles. They operate in conjunction with the seemingly opposite polarity of the outer Physical Natural Laws that we can see & externally observe. These external & internal Natural Laws balance each other & operate in unison... ALWAYS!

Just like TRUE Physical Laws, the unseen Natural Law Principles are neutral & balanced. Natural Laws are Nature, they ARE true love so they therefore let you choose your outcomes & this is EXACTLY the way this Universe operates. At ALL times we have free will choices which are governed by NATURAL LAWS culminating in non distorted or distorted effects. Nature, true love, life, understands the self & how it works. It respects itself & is constantly breaking itself down to evolve in rhythm while fear does not. Fear, a lack of love, is constantly trying to unnaturally engineer everything to exist in a continuous state of low vibration so as to not evolve naturally. A human being controlled by fear is not thinking correctly. Be aware & if you recognise that Nature is being attacked by low vibrational beings that are refusing to work with it, trying to dominate it, manipulate it, enslave it by not letting it be free & therefore choosing to harm it, then it is up to you to BE true love, evolve yourself & make the correct choice to get rid of the diseased anomaly through wilful, forceful loving actions. Be true love to work through & with Nature. Be true love to work with Nature & her true Principles to create a loving healthy environment. Tell the truth! Create new loving relationships & communicate true love. Organic Mother Nature, which is the connected host body that is providing life for all, including the unnatural harmful entities, will continue to suffer if those entities refuse to stop, change their behaviour, die or evolve peacefully. This is all a choice. You either evolve naturally on purpose, free & in love or off purpose in a state of fear, creating immense suffering, harm & external control only to destroy that which you do not truely love... life itself.

We must choose wisely.

Choosing to believe in authority is WRONG & NOT CORRECT as nobody can actually tell you what to do! Nobody has that right, it does not exist. YOU make a choice, a decision to be right or wrong & YOU are responsible for YOUR choice & YOUR actions no matter what anybody tells you to do. The person falsely claiming to be authority is responsible for their right or wrong choices & actions which, because of Natural Laws, WILL affect you &/or others. Choosing not to choose is still a choice, a choice based in fear & whether good or evil you are blindly agreeing. Choosing an experience is unavoidable, as is death, so by developing courage, realising your true power & your responsibility to choose right you can help end suffering instead of contributing to it. Everything has a perfect balance. Following untrue, fear based, WRONG principles & false claims will result in a perfect UNNATURAL balance of suffering & a false life OFF purpose ruled by fear & forced external control. Adhering to the truth & love based, RIGHT Principles (Natural Law) will result in a perfect NATURAL balance of correct actions, harmony & growth with no external rulers or dominators. Freedom to evolve Naturally ON PURPOSE!

You should really understand what is TRUELY right or wrong & then out of TRUE love & courage CHOOSE to do RIGHT!

This universe is a perfect system of free will choices that can only be based in true love or degrees of fear (internal), followed by actions & then consequences (external). EVERYTHING has a spiritual component & a material component, wave & particle, force & form, male & female, positive & negative, red & blue, high & low, in & out, cause & effect. All SEEMINGLY opposite components are extreme polarities of the same connected one thing. They need to be recognised as such, utalized & unified together equally from the centre, green, the balance point... TRUE LOVE.

The past & the future are seemingly opposite polarities with the connecting balance point being the NOW, the present moment. By being a high vibration of true love in the now, you will create a loving past & a loving future. Imagine what you DO want with true loving intent & start being that NOW with your actions.

By understanding & being true love now, you will literally change & heal past traumatic, fear based experiences because you now know the truth. You now recognise each past traumatic experience for what it ultimately was at its TRUE centre. You now realise it was a lack of understanding & an unnatural balance that created the distorted experience that you have now balanced naturally within the mind. You sent love to the past & this resulted in forgiveness & acceptance. You have changed the emotions attached to each experience & evolved, righting the wrongs of the past by moving forward in truth to free yourself then, now & even tomorrow. You are able to heal the past & also create a true loving future through your actions, your expressions of true love in the pre sent (present) moment of now.

Once you destroy the fear attached to the experience by understanding it, forgiving it & therefore truely loving it, the experience changes. Once you change & evolve so does the experience.

It is true love that holds all thing's together & provides everything necessary for something to become its positive & negative, beautifully balanced, TRUE expression. The NATURAL state/expression of the whole does not exist without BOTH polarities existing in unison. Everything that is operating correctly manifests from its TRUE centre outwards & TRUE LOVE is at the centre & exterior of both polarities & all things whole, right, perfect, correct & true. Moving towards & operating from either polarity more than the other causes an unnatural imbalance, a false centre & a movement away from truth, harmony, life & wholeness. Doing this starts to distort its correct expression. True love frequency is at the centre of a peaceful, correct Universe while fear, a lack of true love frequency, is at the heart of a suffering diseased Universe.

We exist because the natural spirit of Nature is true love, It is true love, light, nurture & care that grows a seed into a tree. It is out of true love, light, nurture & care that a tree generates oxygen for you! A lack of love will destroy a tree, its production of oxygen & everything else because fear is ignorant & creates an unnatural balance. It begins internally on the plane of causality & then manifests externally on the plane of effects.

Because we are a part of Nature, it wants & needs us to be the highest expression of love, the holistic expression of the light spectrum. Her Natural Principles ARE our Principles! The majority of humans are choosing to NOT vibrate at the higher frequency of love. Because they are afraid, they are choosing to create their own individual principles & they are also NOT willing to take personal responsibility. By remaining ignorant they are trying to hand responsibility of THEIR actions off to others & don't know that this is an impossibility. Even if someone else gives you an order, YOU are responsible for everything YOU do or don't do! So what are your principles? Are they Nature's Principles or man’s principles? Nature's Principles should be discovered by you & your THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS & ACTIONS brought into line with these true Principles of Nature to create peace & harmony through morality. When we all understand this then Her Natural system of TRUE FREEDOM & abundance will operate efficiently, effectively & fairly! It will become very evident who loves you & who is afraid & therefore does not love you. Expressions of fear must be confronted, destroyed & evolved by expressions of true love! Expressions of fear must be truely loved.

The truth will set us free & the truth is love!

Through Nature’s Principles you control, shape & mold the outer world by controlling your inner world. Who is in control of your inner world? Is it you? Abiding by man’s false principles & laws because you are ignorant & afraid, removes YOUR control over yourself to do what is RIGHT but can NEVER remove the responsibility of YOUR actions! Man’s laws effectively manipulate you to produce an outcome of chaos, disease & war. This is the law makers true agenda to justify their fear based, immoral, false claims of authority & control.

Instead of working & operating at a higher vibration & in harmony with Nature's frequency, the majority of us are at the lower end of vibration, paying attention to low vibrational things, far removed from truth, stopping the positive growth of life & trying to dominate & genetically engineer what should naturally exist freely out of fear.

Disease, suffering, lack, inequality, fake food, NO food, lies, money, ignorance, war, theft, external government, covert mind control, murder, separation, secrecy & all things destructive to growth are the result of not being inline with the truth & in love. Only a SICK individual would want that for themselves. The current human condition is sick, broken & lacking love which means it is lacking TRUTH! This is unnatural.

The Natural Law Principle of Correspondence (as above, so below, as within, so without) is in operation. The external is a manifestation of the internal, so what are the internal principles you abide by that WILL manifest externally through your actions or lack there of? Do you abide by principles? Are you conscious & aware of them? Do you REALLY KNOW, definitively, the difference between right & wrong? Do you understand that being right & correct is based in truth & wrong is NOT based in truth? That is why Nature’s Principles are the first things necessary & most important because Nature’s Principles are the TRUTH!

The truth is most important.

Life & everything will work correctly when we CHOOSE to allign with truth, with true love. Are your principles Nature’s Principles & are they aligned with your thoughts, emotions & actions? If you have chaos internally there WILL be chaos externally & those types of conditions are perfect for a dominator who will also be operating from fear based principles & looking to control you & others who aren't in control of themselves. Government (which literally means mind control) & ALL authority operate this way & benefit by keeping you afraid. It is in THEIR best interest to have you operating from fear, not yours. Their behaviour of strict dominance to THEIR false, fear based principles &/or violence means they DO NOT love you! They are afraid & DO NOT want you knowing the truth. Your behaviour of obedience & order following means you DO NOT love yourself! You are afraid & do not know the truth.

Does your local news outlet mainly produce & promote fear or TRUE love? Do your information sources & the people you interact with mainly express dominance, lies, separation, problems & effects, man’s laws, immorality, destruction, negativity, how to obtain more money & other FEAR based concepts or freedom, truth, unity, problems & their TRUE causes of true love or a lack thereof, Natural Laws, morality, health, positivity, how to eradicate money & other TRUE LOVE based concepts? Do they condemn or condone the immoral actions of ALL fake authority including police, government & royalty?

Nobody can grant somebody else a right that does not exist. A right is inherent in Nature & therefore correct for everybody upon birth. Nobody can magically turn a right into a wrong or a wrong into a right. Nobody can proceed to grant wrongs or rights they do not have. If one person does not have the right to do something, NOBODY does. Something that is wrong in Nature can NEVER be right & something that is right can NEVER be wrong. People can claim to have more rights than somebody else but it is just that, a claim & that claim will NEVER be true, correct or healthy. How can one person or group give out rights to others that they do not possess in the first place? This is impossible because you must first have that thing to be able to give that thing, you can not give away what you do not have. Freedom is not granted, it is inherent & must be defended from anyone trying to steal it from you & taken back from anyone who HAS stolen it from you. They do not have the right to take it & you do not have the right to not have it. It is wrong to give away your freedom because freedom is a right & therefore can NEVER be made into a wrong even if you want it to be so. You do not have the power to make a right into a wrong or turn a wrong into a right, you can only make a false claim which will result in chaos & disease, self harm.

What do you deem MOST IMPORTANT?

Is money one of the most important things to you? Money is the reason, the JUSTIFICATION for why a high percentage of people do what they do, is it not? Without money more of us would have the choice & opportunity to do what it is we would LOVE to do & more importantly to do what is RIGHT. Money is a man made, control mechanism that limits & suffocates the majority, while creating a false hierarchy of importance & dominance. Money is an illusion & an expression of fear. If YOU want freedom, EVERYONE must be equal. Money can have you obeying the false concept of authority & contributing to immoral behaviour not inline with loving, Natural principles based out of a need for survival. Since the concept of needing money to survive is immoral as it is not a true principle found in nature but a law of man, which is based in fear not true love, then instead of survival we will eventually get extinction. Our forced, taxed dollars (which is theft & immoral, therefore WRONG) contributes to MORE immoral & wrong behaviour such as MORE institutions of violence & control which will obviously take MORE of our freedom. On & on this cycle will repeat until we grow up, develop courage & take personal responsibility to implement right, moral principles & then take right action. So why do we CHOOSE to adhere to the false principle of money? We do so out of fear, which is the result of a lack of love, a lack of understanding the truth.

EVERYTHING is an expression of it's fundamental truth & the truth is there is ONLY the force of true love energy in motion or a lack of true love (fear) energy in motion. This love energy is controlled by the mind & forming what we call reality through the Natural Law Principles of creation. This love energy is light. There is only truth or a lack of the truth, light or a lack of the light.

Money does NOT make the world operate efficiently or correctly, TRUE LOVE energy does & it has to be free!

Love is TRUE, money is FALSE. Money is a destructive belief system derived from fear. It’s purpose is to trap, control & manipulate love energy in motion... love emotion... YOU!

Notice how Humans are the only beings who have invented & are BELIEVING in this fake concept called money. Humans have falsely made money their God & are willing to die & commit all types of atrocities for it. The majority, including people who label themselves atheists, worship & believe in money above ALL else. Even people who SAY they follow religious scripture worship money first & foremost. The vast majority worship money above morality & what is right! They mistakenly think that providing money for their family is true love, sometimes even while doing something they don’t love &/or know to be wrong! Doing so only proves they do not understand what TRUE love is. If they recognised that fear (the opposer of life) is in control of them, then they could take responsibility for their actions, become TRUE love & refuse to be governed by that low vibrational force. They would be FREE to do right & truely love their families with THEIR presence & guidance, not fear’s state of governance & false authority.

OUR belief in money affects ALL beings because it is manipulating our thoughts, emotions & actions, that’s what fear does. Fear lies, manipulates & controls because it is scared to not exist! That’s what fear is, it is a scared force of energy, a lack of love energy. You DON’T need money to live, you need TRUE LOVE & it’s physical expressions to live! ALL expressions of fear are designed to limit growth & get you to SURVIVE & be controlled at a lower level of consciousness. Look at how humans treat cows & look at what cows have become. They have become a low vibration of energy that low vibrational Humans control & consume. Low vibrational beings stop trying to be Naturally free & they accept dominance & slavery because they have become a lack of love that is being controlled by an unbalanced & fearful mind!

Death is but change.

If you can not imagine a world without money & someone else controlling you then you are not Naturally balanced, you are broken & you are afraid. You are afraid of responsibility & you are afraid of change. You have become a lack of TRUE love & that is WHY you lack the imagination & courage to produce a TRUELY loving reality. You lack an understanding of what true love is. You must not be afraid to die/change for what is RIGHT & in fact you MUST! Saying NO to taking/giving orders & killing others might be the death YOU need if you are a military soldier, policeman, butcher or some other form of low vibrational fear energy contributing to slavery, authority & control which is taking away & destroying the freedom of life!

Money is a proxy for your love energy. You are given money for the things that you care to do or even DON’T care to do but are doing anyway! Be responsible. What we do or don't do is ultimately creating our experience, our reality... & that reality is but a degree of love emotion. If you are not FEELING positive true love emotions doing what you are doing then stop. It is time to die. Realise you will be manifesting low vibrational expressions through your actions & you are not inline with your true purpose. Listen to your heart. How are you feeling? Why not do things ONLY out of true love and care to experience the perfect degree of living? Since money is a substitute for your love or lack of love energy, drop your BELIEF of money & do only loving things by BEING true love & create abundance to share for free... CREATE FREEDOM!

Use your imagination to visualise a world of loving, balanced people creating positive, healthy solutions, products & expressions. Imagine people working together, creating, expressing & sharing their passions & individual talents without EXPECTING anything in return but would still love to receive non the less. Imagine creating out of love for no other reason than to share positive ideas & products because you are living life on purpose & because it is the right thing to do. When Humans are not in fear of others, of money or a lack of anything, then they are in love & living for a purpose. A chef who is aligned with his/her true love of creating beautiful, positive expressions of food, would love to share their talent with others & be content with the spiritual payment of having them enjoy the meal. There would be no need to steal, cheat, manipulate, horde & hate.

Imagine that same chef realising & understanding that he/she does not have to participate in the slavery, torture, murder, domination & eating of another conscious being to survive, to make money, because it is fun or simply just because he/she likes the taste of that being. Would you like a more intelligent someone who also lacks care enforcing those same acts upon you? It is a truely broken Human that would have to work hard to manipulate, dominate & commit such crimes against Nature just because they feel like it & falsely BELIEVE that they have the right to do so just because they can? A higher consciousness capability brings with it a greater responsibility to understand YOUR true purpose in evolution. If you do not want something done to you, don't do it to others. You need to let animals be animals & raise your consciousness to that above animal status. You need to realise your true potential, your true purpose & who you truely are. We are not animals, we are Human Beings who are capable of understanding the Self & who have been given the important responsibility of free will choice to do what is right & to help create this Universe by understanding it, not destroying it.

The seed of an apple tree, it’s purpose is to become that apple tree & produce apples. The apples purpose is to be eaten or it goes to waste. Everything has a purpose. Be love & you will find your purpose & see the purpose of others. When a Human Being creates & expresses something from the heart that they are proud of, it is natural that they then want to share that loving expression with others. This is obvious & evident in the NATURAL behaviour of children. When you are balanced, you are set up to GIVE true love energy & also RECEIVE true love energy. That is how the Universe is supposed to operate. Our world operates in harmony when the individual parts that have a higher consciousness capability, that BELIEVE they are seperate & can do whatever they want without consequence, actually rise up & understand to abide by Nature’s TRUE loving Principles to become THEIR true expression of love, on purpose... Just like the seed of an apple tree!


Abide by true loving principles & the results for EVERYONE who do this include sharing, help, laughter, growth, COURAGE, imagination, peace, knowledge, harmony, unity, patience, TRUTH, equality, purpose & many more positive manifestations. When EVERYBODY abides by morally correct principles which can ONLY be based in true love, we will experience FREEDOM... & not a moment before! If there is one person suffering we are ALL suffering because we are all connected. We are all individual parts of the whole. To operate correctly & be free of disease, your body relies on the individual parts of it's whole to be naturally balanced & free of unnatural domination from other mutated individual parts of it's whole. One mutated cell in the shoulder that is not positively changed or put down & destroyed by an act of TRUE LOVE, can compromise the WHOLE & make it suffer until the whole ceases to be! Imagine if the MAJORITY of your individual cells where not operating naturally, CORRECTLY & were dominating their environment or letting themselves &/or their environment be dominated! Imagine your heart deciding to not operate CORRECTLY & choosing to NOT give & receive blood because it BELIEVED it did not have to. Imagine your cells inventing & participating in a false belief system they called money which made them not live for a purpose but in fact changed their roles & had them doing WRONG things that they were not designed to do. What would happen to yourself or THEIR higher Self?

Loving yourself is loving the greater whole Self at the same time!


Love each other & our connected environment.

When you become SELF CENTRED by understanding the wisdom of Nature’s Principles, you have the ability to positively affect ALL of the individuals that are connected to you, in a relationship with you & forming the environment of Self. Each individual, on ALL levels, has a purpose & a specific expression to contribute but it first must become non divided, an individual, balanced... SELF CENTRED.

Conscious or unconscious principles derived from true love or fear MUST come first, then following that CHOICE & through your actions, Natural Law creates the manifestation. It is because of this that we have a DUTY to be personally responsible for EVERYTHING we choose to think, feel, participate in & DO. With great power comes great PERSONAL responsibility. Wrong principles that are derived from fear (a lack of love) generate destructive manifestations such as separation, slavery, ignorance, depression, disease, violence & dominance, while right principles derived from true love generate positive manifestations such as cooperation, knowledge, health, abundance, true care & FREEDOM. This is the Natural Law of Cause & Effect, referred to by some as Karma.

Through the Natural Law of Cause & Effect, Nature is constantly trying to eradicate fear & reinstate a NATURAL balance by showing you the external results of your wrong actions based on wrong, internal principles. It needs you to recognise your true power so it can continue to create FREELY from true love. Nature's TRUE self does not want to dominate & ultimately destroy itself! Nature's CURRENT CONDITION is sick... OUR current condition. It doesn't have to be this way because Nature's condition is NOT permanent unless we CHOOSE it to be! It stays a certain way due to a sustained will. What are you WILLING to do or not do? Are you willing to act out of true love & courage or fear? Are you willing to die/change for what is right? Death/change is inevitable so instead of being afraid, DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

What are you willing into manifestation?

Fear wants to lie, dominate, destroy, retard & control everything. Fear has to work constantly, violently, deceptively & very hard to try & convince you to accept it, because to let it rule is NOT Natural! Fear & true love both cannot exist within your expression at the same time.

There is ONLY a high vibration of TRUE love energy created by correct, loving thoughts from a balanced brain that is inline & connected with the truth, or varying degrees of a lower vibration which is a lack of love energy created by NOT being Naturally balanced & NOT connected with the truth. If you have not balanced & unified the two left & right gender qualities within yourself, then you will not BE in love, you will not be true. Instead of being rooted in the present moment & consciously creating a loving NOW, you will start creating fearful thoughts about a negative past event or a negative future potential experience that has not yet or may not ever exist. Being true love in the present moment connects you to & creates both positive past & future experiences.

The present moment is the PRE SENT moment of a future & past experience derived from true love or a lack of love. What you are being in the now, sends you what you ask for by way of vibration (emotion) & the rest of Nature’s Principles. The centre point, the now, is a connected pre sent moment of the future polarity & the past polarity. The now always precedes the past & the future. The now, which is true love, is the heart & soul of our created experience. The now is all there is. It is the Generative Principle. It is the moment before ALL experiences & we get to choose!

You are ALWAYS imagining when it comes to a POTENTIAL experience & since you can imagine ANYTHING, why make it what you don't want?

The brain cannot differentiate between what is ACTUALLY happening in the outer, physical reality & what you are imagining in the mind. Your mind determines your experience. The all is mind. The brain processes the information & then releases chemicals into the bloodstream to marry with the heart which then gives birth to a vibrational frequency, an emotion (energy in motion). This energy will then manifest as a physical expression. You have to engage your will power, decide whether to operate & base your principles in the lower state of being or move higher toward the middle, towards true love, because this is what is generating your expressions & therefore OUR reality. Moving too high takes you away from the physical reality & you become too spiritual & physically passive, less materialistic but also not grounded. Balance yourself, be in the present moment & align your THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS & ACTIONS with a high vibration of love energy.

Letting fear rule over you is unnatural & unhealthy... SICK!

You are wanting chaos & suffering by choosing to be ruled over. Take responsibility of governing yourself. Change you’re mind to create & attract POSITIVE future manifestations & actions. Imagine a better world & BE a better world NOW. Align yourself with truth, with love.

Right is right & wrong is wrong. Immorally voting for others to enforce man’s immoral laws of authority & slavery upon beings is WRONG! Saying one plus one equals four is WRONG no matter what form of mutated, unnatural authority tells you otherwise & then tries to enforce this FALSE claim through violence. Stealing your freedom is WRONG. We can NOT choose what is right or wrong because that already exists! Principles based in truth are RIGHT. Principles NOT based in truth are WRONG.

When it comes to morality, we do NOT have the right to be wrong!

It is not just your choice...


What are the Natural Law Principles?